Get That City Water Taste and Smell with a Well Chlorination System!

A Well Chlorination System Produces Better Tasting and Smelling Water!

Have you moved from the city to a more rural area recently? Hopefully, you are enjoying the wide-open spaces, beautiful views and reduced noise levels. You can’t beat that peaceful country living!

However, if you’re like most people, there’s probably one thing you’re not so crazy about: the taste and smell of the water! A lot of people who move from the city to the country have a hard time adjusting to the pungent water in their well system. And they long for the less-smelly water they had back in the city.

If you can relate to this struggle, then don’t despair! The good news is you can enjoy your new country habitat and have better tasting water at the same time! All it takes is to invest in a chlorine injection system.

Read on to discover how this well chlorination system can get you higher quality water as you had in the city. And not only that, but it can make your water better than city water!

Why Does Well Water Taste and Smell Different?

So, why does the new water at your rural home taste and smell so bad? The answer is simple: it comes from a private well. As their name indicates, private wells are not regulated by any public entity. Therefore, the water is untreated and likely full of contaminants muddying up the smell and taste.

Contrast this with the water you had back in the city, which came from a public water system. Public water systems are regulated by the EPA. So, before the water goes into your tap or faucet, it’s run through a water treatment plant. This treatment removes most of the harmful contaminants creating the foul smell and taste.

Note that we said most of the harmful contaminants. Sadly, the government often fails to take out all the harmful contaminants. For this reason, it’s often a good idea for people with city water to still invest in their own filtration systems.

Image of well water coming out of a pump with a field and trees in the background
While the country has beautiful views, its well water doesn’t taste or smell the best.


What Should Well Water Owners Do?

Without any help from the government, the treatment of your private well water is up to you. Fortunately, improving your water quality isn’t as daunting as it may sound.

The key first step is understanding what you’re dealing with. You can do this by getting your water tested. A professional water test will help you identify the contaminants that are making your water smell and taste terrible.

Does your water smell like rotten eggs, for example? A water test will likely reveal that sulfur bacteria, iron bacteria or coliform bacteria could be the culprit. These naturally occurring bacteria are present in most well water. Once you know what you’re dealing with, you can choose the best option to get rid of them.

As we will see, the top choice for iron bacteria, sulfur bacteria, coliform bacteria and other harmful organisms is a chlorine injection system.

How Does Chlorine Injection Work?

A chlorine injection system is a sophisticated piece of machinery that essentially acts as your own personal water tower. It consists of a pump, a mix tank and a carbon filter.

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The system works very simply. First, a low voltage wire activates the pump, which injects chlorine into the mix tank. There the chlorine mixes with the well water, neutralizes all the organics and kills the bacteria.

The earliest chlorine injection systems would run into issues with this step because they would sometimes inject too much chlorine. This would lead to problems like bleached clothing and burning eyes. Fortunately, we have worked to fix this problem by adding a computer to the new systems. The computer monitors the amount of chlorine in the water to keep it from getting too high.

After all, while chlorine is great for cleaning water, it’s not great to consume. This is because chlorine can produce harmful disinfectant byproducts, like total trihalomethanes (TTHM). In high enough doses, TTHM can have harmful effects, such as kidney damage and cancer.

For this reason, all chlorine injection systems also come with a carbon filter, which removes the chlorine from your water. From there, the clean water is sent out to your faucet!

Image of a pitcher pouring chlorinated well water into a glass
A chlorine injection system will allow you to enjoy great tasting and smelling water in your country home!


What Are the Benefits of Chlorine Injection?

There are a ton of great benefits of investing in a chlorine injection system. Chief among them, of course, is the fact that it takes away the rancid smell and taste of well water.

We can’t tell you how many customers we’ve had who have been thrilled by the results. They thought they were going to have to live with their odious well water. But the well chlorination system made their country living even more relaxing and joyful!

But beyond improving the smell or taste, chlorine injection also produces healthier water than city water. The reason for this is, unlike many cities, a chlorination system takes the extra step of filtering the chlorine back out.

Sadly, cities often do not remove chlorine from the water. This is why there could be a higher risk of those total trihalomethanes and other contaminants in city water. It’s also another reason why, if you have a public water system, you should use a filtration system.

Another crucial benefit is a well water chlorinator provides protection from future contamination. The types of contaminants in private wells can change over time. For example, more than 10% of well owners get coliform at some point. Having the chlorine injection system can defend your water from such an unexpected shift.

Do You Want Better Tasting Water?

A chlorine injection system is certainly a worthwhile investment for your country home. Not only will it make your well water taste and smell better, but it will protect you and your family from harmful contamination.

Are you concerned about the water quality in your private well? Our team can help you figure out what’s in your water and the best solutions to clean it up. Stop by Angel Water today or give us a call at 847-382-7800 to talk with an expert!

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