Whole House Water Filters

Whole House Water Filters Provide Clean and Healthy Water for Your Entire Home

Whole house water filters can keep the water in your home safe, clean and enjoyable to drink. Your water shouldn’t:

  • Stain your clothes
  • Smell like a pool
  • Or taste like it’s full of metal

Don’t settle for polluted water in your tap, washing machine or shower. Whole house water filters send crystal-clear water to every water-using appliance in the home! Find a quality system today and enjoy licensed installation and maintenance from the Angel Water team.

Customer Testimonials

Great products, great service. Customer since 2019. Their technicians are the best – professional, cordial, highly skilled. Their systems installers do beautiful work. Our (formerly smelly and orange) well water is perfect now. Thanks, guys!

Herp D.

John West is a professional technician and addressed all of my questions and concerns about my water filtration system. There was zero up-charging or pressure to swap out equipment. He offered some helpful suggestions on how to rid the eggy smell from my hot water while doing laundry (use less detergent and consider removing sacrificial rod from hot water heater). Highly recommend Angel Water.

Charles K.

I had a wonderful experience with this company. Steve (sales) was very knowledgeable and communicative throughout the process and Ken and Mike did an excellent and thorough job with the installation. Professional, friendly and meticulous. I would highly recommend them!

Tammy H.

Shop Top Quality Whole House Water Filters

ACF3000CENTe Whole House Water Filter from PurAClear



  • Self-cleaning distributors for excellent water flow rates
  • Multi-wrap fiberglass reinforced media tank prevents rust and corrosion
  • Energy-efficient power supply makes installation and maintenance simple
AO3 Ozone System from PurAClear


PurAClear A03 Ozone System

  • Ozone is 1.5x more powerful than chlorine for faster results
  • Effectively changes iron to rust particles for easy filtration and removal
  • Eliminates the need for chemicals to remove iron and sulfur bacteria
  • Components tested and certified by National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)
Chlorine and Hydrogen Peroxide Injection System from PurAClear


PurAClear Chlorine Injection System

  • Chlorine and hydrogen peroxide effectively kill odor-causing bacteria
  • Prevents staining on dishes, clothes and fixtures
  • Significantly extends the life of your home’s plumbing
  • Patented design provides optimal contact time for chlorine treatment
  • Certified by NSF to produce the healthiest and cleanest water possible

Trust Expert Installation in Chicagoland and Southeast Florida

Whole house water filters can be a significant investment. Don’t let improper installation keep you from getting all the benefits for your home and health! Instead, let our licensed team give you trustworthy service throughout every stage of the installation process.


We facilitate EPA-certified lab testing to identify toxins in your water, if requested.


You’ll receive a clear explanation of what’s in your water and what that means for your home.


We’ll recommend the best whole house water filter based on what you need and want.


You’ll schedule an installation appointment for a time convenient for you.


We’ll install the whole house filter to supply clean water to your entire home.


We’ll test the new filter and your plumbing system to ensure it’s working properly.


Afterward, you’ll enjoy crystal clear and healthier water throughout your home!

Enjoy the Benefits of Whole House Water Filters from Angel Water

Protection from Dangerous Impurities

Defend against cancer-causing toxins and coliform bacteria that can make you sick.

Purify Your Untreated Well Water

Transform contaminated private well water into better-than-city-quality water!

Improve the Smell of Your Water

Keep out the iron and sulfur bacteria that cause your water to smell like rotten eggs.

Save More Money Over Time

You’ll spend less on bottled water and costly plumbing and appliance repairs.

Get Rid of That Awful Metallic Taste

Filter out metallic minerals to make your drinking water clean and delicious again.

Relax with Expert Installation

We’ll take care of your system so you can kick back and enjoy the healthier water!

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Hear from a Satisfied Customer in Crystal Lake, IL

John Ferguson of Crystal Lake was frustrated with his hard and rusty well water. Watch this video to find out how Angel Water was able to solve his problems for many years to come with a whole house chlorination system!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help you every step of the way. If you don’t see the answer to
your question below, please call us at (847) 382-7800 to get answers.

Where should a whole house water filter be installed?

A whole house water filtration system needs to have direct access to the main source of water for the home. Therefore, the best place to install it is right next to the main water shut-off valve. The location of this valve varies from home to home. It is usually in the basement or garage, but it may also be in a utility closet or outside the home. A licensed water treatment specialist can help you find this valve and determine the best spot to install your system.

What whole house water filter is best?

The best whole house water filter for your home is the system that can filter all the contaminants in your water. This may seem obvious, but the point is this: You need to know what’s in your water before choosing a whole house water filter. Therefore, we recommend getting your water tested and then matching those test results to the filter best suited to your needs. You can contact Angel Water today to schedule a home water test.

How long do whole house water filters last?

The expected lifespan of a whole house water filter varies from system to system. The longest-lasting systems are NSF/ANSI certified and American-made. But even these systems won’t last very long if they don’t receive proper maintenance and care. A whole house system typically requires filter replacement every three to six months and regular maintenance at least once a year. With proper upkeep, a well-made whole house filter can last ten years or more.

Need assistance taking care of your whole home water filter? At Angel Water, we provide ongoing maintenance services to keep systems running smoothly. Contact us today to schedule your maintenance appointment.

What’s involved in whole house water filter installation?

There’s a lot involved in installing a whole house water filter. You need to ensure the water filtration system is installed in line with your home’s existing plumbing line. It should also be installed as close to your home’s main water source as possible to be most effective.

Installation requires significant plumbing expertise and a thorough understanding of associated safety protocols to keep your family safe. Other skills that may be needed are welding and construction, depending on where the system will be located.

What size whole house water filter do I need?

Many considerations need to be made when choosing a whole house water filter size. The size of your home, number of fixtures, water usage and number of contaminants in your water should all be considered. We encourage you to contact us for a free consultation on water filter size and type.

How much do whole house water filters cost?

The average total cost of a whole house water filter is just over $2,000, and the price range varies from $35/per month to $95 per month. Keep in mind that the cheaper systems will probably wind up costing you more in the long run because they will break down sooner and require more maintenance. By spending more for a higher-quality system, you will enjoy better water with less maintenance for a longer time. We think that’s more than worth the extra upfront spending.

Are whole house filters worth it?

A whole house water filter is worth it if you have problems with the water throughout your home. So, if your water not only tastes bad but is also damaging your plumbing system and smelling up your shower stall, then a whole house water filter will significantly improve your life by eliminating those problems.

However, if you’re only concerned about the drinking water in your kitchen sink, then you may be better off with an under-the-sink reverse osmosis system. This system will take care of your drinking water problem and cost you less than a whole house filter. You can learn more about these filters on our reverse osmosis page.

Should I get a whole house filter and water softener combo?

If you need both a water filter and softener, getting a combination unit is your best bet. Most homes can benefit from both these water filtration systems. Together, they can soften your water, remove high levels of chemicals, get rid of heavy metals and more – all in a single machine.

How do you clean a whole house water filter?

A whole house water filter needs to be flushed once a year and the filter should be changed every three to six months. You may also want to wipe the outside of the machine off with a damp washcloth if it gets dirty or dusty. We recommend hiring professional ongoing water filter maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning it yourself.

Who installs whole house water filters?

Whole house water filters shouldn’t be installed by just anybody. They need to be installed by licensed plumbers who understand the intricacies involved. This is the only way to ensure your water supply remains clean and the filter will work correctly to keep your family safe from the dangers of water pollutants and hazards.

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