PurAClear Chlorine Injection Systems

Eliminate Bacteria and Enjoy Better Smelling and Tasting Water

If you get your water from a private well, then these issues probably sound familiar:

  • Rotten egg smell and sour taste
  • Orange or black stains on your sink and toilet bowl
  • Feeling sick after drinking water

But it doesn’t have to be this way! The PurAClear chlorine injection system makes well water healthier, odor-free and delicious again by oxidizing the toxins and killing the bacteria. Keep reading to learn how to get one professionally installed in your Chicago or West Palm Beach home!

Meet the Best Chlorine Injection System for Well Water

Looking for the most effective chlorine injector for eliminating rotten egg smell, orange staining, dangerous bacteria and more? The PurAClear is the ideal system to protect your health and family. Learn more about how it will protect your home and health below.

PurAClear Angel Chlorinator

Incredible product features:

  • Patented valve applies exact chlorine dosing rather than basing the amount off of well pressure tank, which can lead to overdosing (Valve patent number: RE 49,098)
  • Oxidizes minerals and organics out of your water
  • Removes unpleasant smelling and tasting iron and sulfur
  • Eliminates pollutants that cause clogged plumbing and staining
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty for long-lasting confidence
  • Guaranteed to kill bacteria found in well water
The PurAClear Angel Chlorine Injection System from Angel Water

Customer Testimonials

“We have been very happy with the system and the water no longer has the well smell. In addition, Angel Water has been great with reminding us to have the system serviced every year. The techs that come out are very friendly, informative and quick.”

Caroline G.

“I have been using Angel Water for my water system and other related plumbing situations for years. They are reliable, efficient, and trustworthy…. I would recommend them highly for anyone needing their services.”

Ed C.

“The installation was completed on time as promised and was done with high quality parts in a professional way. We are looking forward to finally having clear, clean water in our home for the first time. We would highly recommend Angel Water without any reservations.”

Lawrence G.

We Install PurAClear Chlorine Injection Systems in Chicagoland and Southeast Florida

Installation can be tricky. So, let us take the burden off your shoulders. Our licensed technicians can do all the following for you to help you get the most out of your system:


We’ll test the water in your home to identify the bacteria and toxins present.


You’ll receive a visual demonstration to help you understand the test results.


Our experts will help you determine if a chlorine injector is the right solution.


You’ll schedule an installation appointment at an available time convenient for you.


We’ll install your chlorine injection system to supply treated water to your home.


After installation, we’ll check that the system is chlorinating and filtering properly.


Once we’re done, you’ll enjoy better-than-city-quality water for many years to come!

Experience the Value of a Chlorination System from Angel Water

Customize for What’s in Your Water

We’ll set up your system to inject the ideal amount of chlorine for what’s in your water and avoid over-chlorination.

Save on Cleaning Costs

Keep out the nuisance bacteria that leave those hard-to-clean stains on your sinks, showers and toilets.

Eliminate Rancid Smell and Taste

Your professionally installed system will constantly treat the water to keep the rotten egg odor and sour bacteria away.

Receive Licensed Service

You can relax knowing that fully licensed experts are installing your system the right way for best results.

Protect Your Family’s Health

Protect against contaminants like coliform, E. coli and Salmonella that can make you nauseous or sick.

Try Us Risk Free

We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your PurAClear system because we won’t be satisfied until you are.

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Hear from a Satisfied Customer in McHenry,IL

Kurt from McHenry, IL, didn’t understand why his youngest son was getting sick and continually losing weight. He wasn’t sure why this was happening until his boss, the owner of Angel Water, recommended getting his water tested. That’s when he realized that the sickness was coming from coliform and E. coli bacteria in his water. Watch Kurt’s testimonial to find out how a chlorine injection system from Angel Water solved the problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please call us at (847) 382-7800.

What is a chlorine injection system?

A chlorine injection system is the ideal water treatment system for homes with well water. Private wells do not receive any water treatment from the city. So, a chlorinator simulates the process city water goes through for well water homes. It essentially acts as your own private water tower in which water is mixed with chlorine to disinfect it.

What well water problems does a chlorine injection system fix?

A top-quality system like the PurAClear Angel Chlorinator will resolves multiple common well water problems, including:

Why do I need a chlorinator if I can just manually chlorinate my well?

You can chlorinate your well to eliminate these problems; however, this is a temporary fix. The problems will re-emerge over time, so you’ll have to keep going back and chlorinating it again and again. The PurAClear Angel Chlorinator automates this process by consistently dosing your water with the proper amount of chlorine so you don’t have to.

Furthermore, chlorinating your well on your own is only a good idea if you’re also able to filter the chlorine back out of your water. Otherwise, you’ll be drinking highly chlorinated water, which is dangerous for your health. The PurAClear Angel Chlorinator prevents this issue with a carbon filter that removes the chlorine before sending the water throughout the home.

What makes the PurAClear Angel Chlorinator the best chlorine injection system on the market?

The PurAClear Angel Chlorinator eliminates many issues encountered by other chlorine injection systems. Its patented static mixing tank oxidizes sulfur and iron out of the water without clogging up the system. Other chlorinators clog up multiple times a year, requiring expensive service calls. Because the PurAClear Angel Chlorinator does not encounter these problems, it only needs service once a year!

Another way the PurAClear system is superior to other chlorinators is it runs on a computerized program that uses exact chlorine dosing. This program works by using a turbine to count how many gallons of water are running through the system. It then injects the proper amount of chlorine for how much water it’s treating.

The PurAClear also has a smaller mixing tank than most systems, making it a great choice for homes with limited space.

Why does well water need chlorine treatment?

Well water needs chlorine treatment for two main reasons: 1) to eliminate harmful bacteria and toxins and 2) to make water aesthetically pleasing.

Well water often contains harmful bacteria like coliform and E. coli and toxic chemicals like fertilizers, which can make you sick or worse. These bacteria also make water taste and smell awful.

The PurAClear Angel Chlorinator doses contaminated water with the proper amount of chlorine to neutralize all bacteria and then removes the chlorine with a carbon filter. The water is healthy and enjoyable to consume as a result.

Isn’t consuming chlorine in water dangerous?

Yes! Consuming any amount of chlorine can make you sick or worse. Unfortunately, most city water treatment facilities do not remove chlorine from the water once the disinfection process is complete. For this reason, we usually recommend that homes with city water invest in a filter that can remove chlorine.

The good news is that PurAClear protects against this problem by filtering out chlorine with a carbon filter before sending the water throughout the home for use.


How does a chlorine injection system work?

The PurAClear Angel Chlorinator consists of three distinct parts: a pump, a mixing tank and a carbon filter. The water first enters the pump where it is stored until it’s needed. Then it leaves the pump and goes into the mixing tank, which injects the water with chlorine to disinfect it. Finally, the newly disinfected water goes though the carbon filter, which removes the chlorine. After this, the system sends clean and healthy water throughout the home for use.

How does the PurAClear protect against over chlorination?

The PurAClear Angel Chlorinator is more advanced than most chlorine injectors because it actively moderates how much chlorine it uses to disinfect the water. Most chlorinators can only estimate how much chlorine they need to use, but the Angel Chlorinator doesn’t have to guess. Instead, it features a computerized system with an internal turbine that monitors home water use and injects only as much chlorine as is necessary. As a result, no chlorine is wasted, and the water receives the treatment it needs.

How do I know if I need a chlorine injection system for my home?

If you get your water from a private well, then you more than likely need a chlorinator. Private well water receives no municipal treatment, so it comes straight from the ground and into your tap. Therefore, bacteria, fertilizers, pesticides, animal waste and more often sneak into private wells.

The best way to determine if you have these in your water is with a water test. We perform in-home water tests at Angel Water all the time to help people determine the best solutions for their water problems. Please call (847) 382-7800 to schedule your in-home test.

Will a chlorinator fix my hard water?

No. Chlorine injection systems do not remove the calcium and magnesium minerals that cause hard water. If your water contains bacteria and hard water minerals, we recommend combining a chlorinator with an NSF 44-certified water softener to both clean and soften the water.

Can the PurAClear Angel Chlorinator use hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine?

Yes! Hydrogen peroxide is a great option for homes with harmful chemicals in the water but not bacteria. Our licensed plumbers will set up your system to inject hydrogen peroxide instead of chlorine at your request.

Does a PurAClear system need maintenance?

Yes! Your system needs annual maintenance to ensure it works properly. Angel Water can help you with this too! Contact us today or visit our maintenance page to learn more about this service.

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