Keep Toxins at Bay with Water Softener Repair and More

All water treatment systems need regular maintenance to continue running correctly. Our licensed technicians help with this in the following ways:

  • Service water softeners, RO systems, chlorine injection systems, whole house filters and more
  • Work with all major equipment brands, including EcoWater, Kenmore and GE
  • Fix problems like leaks, low water pressure, incorrect salt usage and discolored water
  • Prevent issues like contamination, staining, scale buildup and dry, itchy skin
  • Perform all routine maintenance tasks, including changing filters and replacing salt
  • Test your water and plumbing system to ensure you’re fully protected

Don’t wait for issues to arise. Contact us today to schedule a service call and tune up your drinking water system at your convenience.

What Our Water Softener Repair Customers Are Saying

Awesome job servicing our softener system. Very quick, efficient, knowledgeable and reasonable pricing. Highly recommend!

— Jeanne S.

Top quality products and service. Just had our annual “check-up” and the technician was very professional and thorough. Highly recommend!

— Lydia G.

Annual Maintenance. Job well done. Our technician John West was very customer focused and answered all our questions. Great service by Angel Water.

— Dan W.

Brent the service man was very professional and pleasant. He serviced our water softener quickly and gave a great detailed post service overview. A+++ service!

— Marc H.

Our Professional Maintenance Services

Most manufacturers recommend annual maintenance for their water treatment equipment. But it’s hard to keep to that regular schedule. Plus, most homeowners lack the professional knowledge to give their systems the necessary tune-ups.

You shouldn’t have to worry about any of this! That’s why we’re here. Let us take the burden off your shoulders with complete service for each of these devices:

Water Softener Repair

Your water softener protects you from many hard water problems. But those issues start to rear their ugly heads when your system doesn’t receive maintenance. You will begin to have itchy skin, brittle hair, foggy dishes, rust stains in your toilet and more. Even worse, your softener could become less effective at removing harmful radium-226 and -228 from your water.

Without the regular repairs, your system will begin to break down. Common problems that stem from a lack of maintenance include a system that is not using salt, full of water or leaking. Fortunately, our licensed professionals can prevent and resolve all these issues!

Reverse Osmosis System Maintenance

Your RO filter effectively removes many harmful toxins, including lead, PFOAs and hexavalent chromium. Unfortunately, a lack of maintenance can cause your system to lose effectiveness, letting those toxins in and putting your health at risk.

An RO system can also create costly issues when it doesn’t get the needed service. The equipment will break down quicker and require replacement sooner. Remember that a broken system could cough up scary toxins into your water system. We’re here to prevent these problems!

Whole-House Water Filter Maintenance

It’s hard to overstate the value of having filtered water in every tap of your home. A sure sign that your whole house system is overdue for service is the return of nasty-tasting water or unsightly stains in your toilets or shower stalls.

Of course, not all contaminants are noticeable in this way. That’s why regular whole-house water filter maintenance, which includes water testing to detect all toxins, is essential. We’ll take all steps necessary to ensure your filter continues protecting your health!

Sump Pump Battery Replacement

Your sump pump battery backup must be ready to spring into action to keep water from flooding your basement. If it fails, the damage will be costly, and your family’s health could be at risk. However, running too frequently can damage the pump and increase your electric bill – so a perfectly running balance is crucial.

For all these reasons, we also provide annual sump pump battery maintenance to ensure proper function. We’ll test to see if it’s pulling the right amps, inspect for backflow issues and more.

Water Heater Maintenance

It’s easy to take hot water for granted when you have a quality water heater in your home. Unfortunately, it’s common to get too comfortable and forget to give the system the ongoing care it needs. When this happens, not only can your water leave you cold, but it can also cost you hundreds or thousands in costly repairs!

Our team is here to protect you from cold showers and costly damages! Our water heater maintenance includes crucial tasks like testing the TPR valve, flushing the system and adjusting the water temperature. We can improve your system’s lifespan, efficiency and safety with just a few minutes of repairs once a year!

How Our Service Calls Work In Barrington and West Palm Beach

Our service calls provide the complete maintenance you need in one convenient visit. All our licensed service technicians undergo rigorous training to deliver quality service every time.

For only $169 per visit, your maintenance service in Barrington, IL, West Palm Beach, FL, or the surrounding regions will include the following steps:

Scheduling and Arrival

Pick a time that works best for you, and we will arrive on schedule to get started.

Testing and Inspection

We’ll test your water and inspect your system to see what repairs are needed.

Cleaning and Repairs

We’ll clean and repair all necessary filters to keep your system running well.

Final Testing and Inspection

Next, we’ll do another water test to ensure you’re getting clean water at all fixtures.

Educate and Answer Questions

Finally, we’ll answer your questions and offer helpful tips for maintaining your equipment.

The Incredible Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Why invest in water softener repair or reverse osmosis maintenance?
It will yield all these life-brightening benefits:

Enjoy Continuously Healthy Water

You won’t have to worry about unwanted toxins or hard water minerals getting through your well-maintained equipment.

Save Money in the Long Run

The extra money spent on maintenance today will be worth it to avoid expensive problems with your system down the line.

Lift the Burden Off Your Shoulders

Why pressure yourself to do regular water softener repair when a licensed professional can handle it for you?

Trust Experienced Professionals

You’ll receive service from a licensed plumbing company with over 50 years of experience servicing all makes and models!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please call us at (847) 382-7800. One of our water experts in our Barrington, IL or West Palm Beach, FL, locations will get back to you as soon as possible!

Can I do this myself instead of paying for it?

Yes. We can assist you by providing the equipment, and you can install it yourself.

Does the state regulate plumbers to be certified?

Yes, by the IDPH, Illinois Department of Health.

Are you the cheapest option?

We sell all makes and models.

If there’s bad stuff in my water, why hasn’t the city done something about it?

They can’t make the water perfect for drinking when 99% is used for industry and only 1% is used for human consumption. Water goes through a water treatment plant, not a water-filtering plant.

What problems can a broken or unserviced water softener cause?

You’ll notice hard water problems again. A few examples include foggy glassware, mineral buildup on faucets and in showers, stains in your toilet, dry skin and brittle hair.

What kind of maintenance does a water softener need each year?

Annual maintenance generally includes cleaning the brine tank, cleaning the valves and inspecting for issues. Some models may require more maintenance than others.

What kind of maintenance does a reverse osmosis system need each year?

Annual maintenance generally includes replacing the filters, sanitizing the system and inspecting the unit for issues. This might vary slightly from one model to another.

What kind of maintenance does a whole-house water filtration system need each year?

Annual maintenance generally includes checking and replacing cartridges or filters, checking all connections, flushing the system and performing detailed inspections for issues. This might vary slightly from one model to another.

What kind of maintenance does a sump pump need each year?

Sump pumps must be deep cleaned and professionally inspected at least annually. Some models (or older ones) may need additional maintenance.

What kind of maintenance does a water heater need each year?

Your water heater must be flushed yearly to prevent rust, corrosion and buildup. The temperature release valve and anode rod will also need to be checked, along with a general system inspection. Some models may require additional maintenance.

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