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How to Save Your Water Heater from Death by Calcium Buildup

Stop us if this sounds familiar: You wait forever for your shower to heat up then rush through it to avoid running out of hot water. At the end of the month, your utility bills are sky-high. On top of it all, you hear something banging around inside your water heater. But it’s not that […]

Why Costco Offers the Best Water Systems in West Palm Beach

You live in West Palm Beach, and something is in your water. You can taste it, and sometimes you smell it or even see it. Maybe you buy bottled water for your household so that nobody has to drink from the tap.  When you do drink from the tap, you try to ignore the nauseating […]

How Much Does a Water Softener Cost and Which Do I Buy?

If you’re getting serious about purchasing a water softener, you’ve probably wondered whether water softeners are really necessary. After all, what’s so bad about a little hard water? Hard water ruins clothing, dries skin, damages hair, breaks appliances, leaves stains on dishes and simply tastes funny. To purchase a water softener for a few thousand […]

A reusable water bottle on a beach

6 Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste for Earth Day 2023

Earth Day’s almost here, and it’s a good time to reflect on your habits. How often do you buy plastic bottles? How can you change that with recycling and water filters among other methods? As you may be aware, plastic waste is a major problem that harms the environment and public health. Each American throws […]

Periodic table with radium highlighted

How to Remove Radium from Drinking Water for Healthy Living

If you live in the Chicago region or near West Palm Beach, FL, then your tap water likely contains radium. As alarming as this might sound, what does it mean? Radium is nothing more than an element on the periodic table that occurs naturally in the Earth’s crust. So, how concerned should people be about […]

Best Water Softeners 2023: How to Find the Right One for You

Even in 2023, hard water is a nuisance for countless Americans. In contrast to general contamination, water “hardness” is the amount of dissolved sediment in water. Though hard water might not sound any worse than a bottle of mineral water, it presents a whole cocktail of inconveniences, including brittle hair, cloudy stains on dishes, faded […]

Glass of water with green lines over it, indicating it smells like sulfur

What’s the Best Solution for When Your Water Smells Like Sulfur?

Phew! Your water smells like sulfur again, wafting out whenever you turn on the tap. Where’s that rotten egg odor coming from, anyway? The answer may be hydrogen sulfide, sulfur bacteria or iron bacteria in your water. These pollutants occur in many people’s water supplies across the country, most typically in well water. In higher […]

The best water treatment company servicing a water softener

How to Find the Best Water Treatment Company for Your Home

It’s scary when you suspect your water could be threatening the health of your home and family. You want the protection and peace of mind that come with having a water treatment system in your home. But how do you find the best water treatment company to give you that relief? The last thing you […]

Overhead view of a body of water near West Palm Beach, FL

Boil Water Notices: What West Palm Beach Residents Need to Know

It’s 2022. Cellphones are miniature computers, voice control is taking over, and self-driving vehicles are becoming a reality. Since we have access to all these high-tech products, one might assume that, finally, everyone has access to clean water. Sadly, that’s not the case. Boil water notices still occur throughout the Florida region to keep residents […]