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How to Find the Best Water Treatment Company for Your Home

It’s scary when you suspect your water could be threatening the health of your home and family. You want the protection and peace of mind that come with having a water treatment system in your home. But how do you find the best water treatment company to give you that relief? The last thing you […]

Boil Water Notices: What West Palm Beach Residents Need to Know

It’s 2022. Cellphones are miniature computers, voice control is taking over, and self-driving vehicles are becoming a reality. Since we have access to all these high-tech products, one might assume that, finally, everyone has access to clean water. Sadly, that’s not the case. Boil water notices still occur throughout the Florida region to keep residents […]

PFAS in Chicago Water: How to Avoid Dangerous Forever Chemicals

Imagine human-made chemicals in your drinking water. They resist heat, oil and stains. They can also last for years and years and live in your water, attacking your health. And the worst part is we haven’t studied these chemicals nearly enough. These chemicals are called PFAS. A recent investigation by Michael Hawthorne of the Chicago […]

Reverse osmosis system filter membranes ready for installation

What to Expect with Your Reverse Osmosis System Installation

Reverse osmosis systems produce the healthiest water possible—ROs work by running water through a semi-permeable membrane where excess sediments are caught. Consistent exposure to these sediments/contaminants can lead to serious health problems. ROs get rid of elements other water treatment equipment cannot. So, you should consider putting one in your home. Below is a resourceful […]

A Costco reverse osmosis system on a podium with lights around it

Why Costco is the Best Place to Buy a Reverse Osmosis System in Chicagoland

Reverse osmosis systems are an excellent choice for filtering out contaminants. ROs produce the healthiest water possible. So, where can you get a system from? Look no further than Costco. That’s right; the superstore offers more than just free samples! Costco also has a variety of water treatment equipment available, including reverse osmosis systems. Big-box […]

An under the sink reverse osmosis system next to the faucet

Which is the Best Reverse Osmosis System for You in 2022?

Everyone wants to be healthy. For this reason, many people eat nutritious foods, exercise regularly, and relax their minds when needed. Did you know you can make your water healthier to drink, too? Water treatment plants can only do so much to remove basic toxins from a water supply. Reverse osmosis (RO) systems are devices […]

A reverse osmosis system for removing chlorine from water

Remove Chlorine from Water with Reverse Osmosis System

Drinking clean, healthy water should be at the top of anyone’s list. Without it, we all know what happens to our bodies. The importance of water echoes through schools, homes and businesses across the US. Many of us even have apps installed on our phones to remind us to drink enough throughout the day. Yet […]

A woman finding rust stains on clothes in her washing machine.

How to Prevent Rust Stains on Clothes with One Simple Solution

Don’t worry. This isn’t another blog about DIY home remedies for how to remove rust stains from clothes. Those blogs are a dime a dozen. And quite frankly, we don’t think using a commercial rust remover or treating your clothes with salt and lemon juice is worth all that extra effort anyway. So, we won’t […]

Licensed plumber performing water softener installation

How Expert Water Softener Installation Will Make Your Life Easier

Water softener installation is only as overwhelming as you make it. If you go in not knowing what to expect and without expert support, we’re not going to sugarcoat it: It’ll be miserable and probably won’t go to well. Fortunately, you won’t go into this process uninformed and uncertain. Not after you read this blog, […]