Comprehensive Water Testing for City and Well Water

Find Out What’s Really in Your Family’s Drinking Water!

Do you know what’s in your family’s drinking water? Whether you have well water or city water, the water coming from your home’s faucets may contain carcinogens like radium 226/228 or barium. It could also contain bacteria, debris, chemicals and much more, affecting your health and family. Detailed water testing by one of our technicians can:

  • Discover what contaminants are hiding in your water
  • Figure out what types of water filtration systems will solve your problem
  • Potentially find out the causes of certain ailments
  • Help you take your family’s health into your own hands

Why Is Water Testing Important?

There are many reasons you should have water testing done. But your family’s health is the most important. You can’t trust the government or anyone else to ensure your water is completely clean, even if you’re on city water. At Angel Water, we’re advocates for education and health, so we want you to have the information you need to make those crucial informed decisions for your family.

Well Water Testing

Did you know the EPA doesn’t regulate well water? It says so right on their website, where they clearly spell out that the more than 23 million households who rely on private wells for drinking water are responsible for the safety of that water. But if you didn’t know that, you’re far from alone – many people with well water are unaware that nothing is being done to ensure it’s clean.

Now that you know, you can start undergoing regular well water testing to ensure nothing dangerous is in your water. Wells need testing more often than city water because contaminants can change throughout the year. Both environmental and human contamination can occur and include bacteria, viruses, parasites, nitrates, heavy metals and poisonous chemicals – and that’s only to name a few! These contaminants can lead to digestive problems, illnesses, inflammatory bowel diseases and even cancer!

But testing the water is only a solid first step in protecting your family’s health from unclean drinking water. Once you know what’s in the water, it’s crucial you take steps to get that stuff out. After your comprehensive well water testing, Angel Water can recommend the best water filtration products to combat your home’s unique issues.

City Water Quality Test

You can’t trust the government to ensure your home’s water is clean. Although regulations make them test their water supply annually, that testing is done on the street – not inside your home. Between the street and your home are pipes, appliances, fixtures and countless other ways to contaminate water.

But what’s even worse is that what the government tells you about the water they’re providing isn’t always true. Take the story of Crestwood, Illinois, as an example. Crestwood was warned by officials in 1985 that the water contained dangerous toxic chemicals that could lead to serious health problems. State regulators claimed they’d supply water only from Lake Michigan instead of the local contaminated water. But this was a lie…

Instead, officials had been cutting corners on people’s health by mixing the contaminated well water with the cleaner stuff from Lake Michigan. Consequently, one woman’s son developed a severe heart condition and later died from complications. The woman herself was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Another woman’s child developed cancer – and so did she. Consequently, this story of cancer led to the investigation of water fraud.

Don’t fall victim to contaminated water and the host of illnesses that can come with it. A combination of annual water testing and the right water filtration system can keep you and your family safe.

How It Works

Our water testing services are a simple, comprehensive way to protect your family’s health. You have enough to worry about – your family’s drinking water shouldn’t be one of them.


Pick the best time for you, and we’ll arrive on time to begin.

Thorough Testing

We’ll comprehensively test your water to discover various contaminants.


We’ll share our findings with you and answer any questions.


Our team member can suggest the right solution for the discovered contaminants.

Next Steps

We can schedule an installation or maintenance to protect your family’s health.

The Astounding Benefits of Drinking Water Testing

Why invest in thorough water testing from Angel Water?
Here are a few of the many benefits you can expect to reap from doing so:

Know What’s Really in Your Water

Take your health and that of your family into your own hands and discover what’s lurking in your tap water so you can fix it.

Protect Your Family and Home

Protect your family from harmful carcinogens, chemicals and materials. Plus, avoid natural elements that are tough on your pipes and appliances!

Save Money Long-Term

When you receive water testing and take additional steps, you could save money on appliance repairs and medical bills in the long term!

Get Peace of Mind

Relax, stop stressing and know your family and home are protected from the dangers in unhealthy city or well water.

Hear From Previous Customers

The staff and service was excellent. They are very communicative pre and post sale and during installation. Great Job!

— Cary Hatteberg Google Review

Austin came out and we discussed our problem, he spent time looking over what we have in place, and then he proposed some solutions. He gave us detailed information and explained why he thought the chlorine system would work best, so that is what we went with. Our water had a very strong smell that was getting worse, both hot and cold, and he said that it was caused by an iron bacteria. The same day the system was installed the smell was gone…

— Peter Honingmann Google Review

Professional and educational. I couldn’t ask for anything more. They were great and we will definitely be future customers.

— Tyler Castro Google Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Why shouldn’t I do an at-home water test instead?

At-home water testing kits aren’t as comprehensive or accurate as what Angel Water professionals use. Plus, results from testing kits can sometimes be confusing if you haven’t been trained in what to look for or test for. It’s better (and safer) to get a professional test done.

What happens if I learn about contaminants in my water?

Learning which contaminants are in your family’s drinking water is the first step – knowledge is critical in knowing how to protect your family. After your water testing, we can discuss the best solutions for you. If you decide to use one of our solutions, we can install and maintain the appropriate system so you never have to worry about unhealthy water again.

Could my water be making myself or my family sick?

Yes! Your drinking water could contain carcinogens like radium 226/228 or barium. It might also contain manufactured chemicals, natural materials, etc., that aren’t safe for human consumption. Even if you don’t drink tap water at your home, some contaminants can be absorbed through your skin when you shower, wash your hands or clean your clothes.

Are your “water testing near me” services accurate?

We strive to provide the most accurate and comprehensive water testing services possible. That’s why we don’t just test your water once. If you have a water filtration system installed, we’ll test your water again once it’s running to be certain your water is safe, clean and pure.

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