Find Peace of Mind with Complete Water Softener Maintenance and Repair!

Picture of water softener maintenance ensuring salt tank is full.At Angel Water, we believe everyone deserves the cleanest and healthiest water possible. That’s why we don’t just install water treatment systems. We also offer to maintain and repair those products, including our most popular service water softener maintenance.

Many homeowners are unaware of how often they need maintenance of their water softener. The truth is, all manufacturers of water treatment equipment recommend annual inspections of their products.

When left unchecked, water can eat away at equipment, and loose salt can clog the machines. And before too long, homeowners can have costly problems on their hands. Don’t let it happen to you!

Take the Worry Out of Water Softener Maintenance with Our Guardian Angel Plan!

Most homeowners don’t have time to worry about things like water softener maintenance and water filter repair. Between inspecting equipment and adding salt, maintenance can quickly become an annoying juggling act.

At Angel Water, we sympathized with the homeowner’s plight and wanted to ease their burden. So, we created the Guardian Angel plan, the most comprehensive maintenance and repair plan on the market today.

Nowhere else will you find inspection, water testing, salt replacement, and more all covered in one package! It’s our way of helping you and your family to receive the healthy water you deserve.

Why Choose the Guardian Angel Plan?

The Guardian Angel plan is the perfect fit for homeowners who care about the quality of their water. It provides service as often as you need it and annual maintenance of all water treatment equipment. We also deliver everything directly to your door, so you don’t even have to leave the house!

Guardian Angel households receive 25-point inspections of all water treatment equipment. We check everything from the toilet to the water heater to make sure all is in working order. Our licensed technicians also provide complete water filter and water softener maintenance.

Beyond inspection, the plan also features regular water testing. Whether you have city or well water, testing is crucial for ensuring no harmful contaminants have infiltrated your system. We will do all the necessary testing for you and give you a summary of the results.

Not only does the Guardian Angel plan protect your health, but it also saves your pocketbook. Save on water softener maintenance costs with regular salt and chlorine delivery at a convenient monthly price. The plan also includes discounts on replacement equipment to make clean water as cost-effective as possible!


50 point inspection check-mark check-mark check-mark
Water Testing Bi-Annual Quarterly Bi-monthly
Parts Pricing 10% Discount 15% Discount Free Parts
Salt & Chlorine Pricing* $12.74/50 lb. bag $7.00/gallon $9.66/50 lb. bag $6.00/gallon Up to 800 lbs of salt and 8 gallons of chlorine per year
Upgrades and Replacement Equipment 10% Discount 15% Discount 20% Discount
Pricing $40/month $60/month $100/month

Our Licensed and Certified Technicians are Here for You!

We take pride in employing only licensed plumbers and technicians. Not only do we do this because the state of Illinois requires it, but we also want the best for our customers.

Other companies who perform water softener maintenance in Barrington, IL tolerate low-quality, unlicensed service because they only care about money. But at Angel Water, we know that water is life, and life is precious.

Our plumbers are licensed by the state of Illinois and certified by the Water Quality Association and the Environmental Protection Agency. We worked to obtain these certifications because we care about you and want you to be healthy for life.

Interested in our maintenance and repair services? Call 847-382-7800 to learn how we can protect your water!

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