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Sump Pumps, Sewage Pumps and Battery Backups

Protect Your Basement from Flooding and Water Damage

Are you prepared for what will happen when water gets into your basement? Without sump pumps and battery backups, this water can cause:

  • Cracks and damage to your foundation
  • Destroyed furniture and keepsakes
  • Dangerous mold and mildew growth
  • Rusted washing machines and water heaters
  • Peeling paint and wall coverings
  • Electrical fires
  • Sewage backups
  • And more!

If you shudder at the thought, you need a sump system or sewage pump with a battery backup. At Angel Water, we offer a wide range of trustworthy water pump and battery backup systems to keep your basement safe. We also offer installation and maintenance to keep your battery backup sump pump running right.

Customer Testimonials

Angel Water is a great, reliable company. They recently installed our Sump Pump and did a great job. Ryan was very professional and answered all of our questions during the installation. CJ always responds to our questions in a timely fashion. Will definitely use Angel Water in the future!

Nikhil V.

I have been a customer with Angel Water for a number of years. Most recently upgraded my Water Softner and installed a New Back up Battery Sump Pump System. I would highly recommend Angel Water for any of your needs that are handled by this company. My overall experience with them has been excellent.

Ted T.

Had Angel Water replace an existing sump pump. The installation was flawless. Zach arrived promptly as promised, performed the installation, provided an overview and left the premises neat and clean. I am a satisfied customer.

Thomas F.

​Shop Top Quality Sump Pump and Battery Backups

Find quality basement pump and battery backup systems you can trust at Angel Water. Here are three of our top models to choose from:

M53 Sump Pump by Zoeller


Zoeller M53 – 1/3 HP Sump Pump


Cast iron switch case, motor and pump housing


Engineered thermoplastic base


Thermally protected motor

S3 Series Sump Pump by Glentronics


Glentronics S3 Series Sump Pump


Cast-iron/stainless-steel construction


Available horsepower: 1/3 HP, ½ HP and 1 HP


Energy-efficient permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor


Premium pump construction

PS-C33 Sump Pump by Glentronics


Glentronics PS-C33 Sump Pump with Battery Backup


Preassembled for quick and easy installation


3000 GPH at 10 ft. lift (S3033 Primary Pump)


2400 GPH at 10 ft. lift (PHCC-2400 Backup Pump)


Backup assists primary pump with excessive water


Remote-monitoring capability with real-time alerts

Shop Sewage Pumps for Wastewater Removal

We also offer sewage pumps designed to eject wastewater into a sewer line or septic tank. These systems are essential if you have water-consuming appliances or bathrooms below your home’s main sewage line.

E7040 Sewage Pump by Glentronics

Sewage Pump

Glentronics E7040 Sewage Pump


⁴⁄₁₀ HP


4,440 GPH (74 GPM) at 10 ft. lift


Cast-iron/stainless-steel construction


Energy-efficient permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor

M267 Sewage Pump by Zoeller

Sewage Pump

Zoeller M267 Sewage Pump


Cast-iron construction


No sheet metal parts to rust or corrode


Thermally protected motor


Capable of passing 2″ spherical solids

Add Valuable Sump Pump Accessories

We also sell enhanced technology you can add to your submersible pump system to remotely monitor its performance.

PHCC Pro Series Wi-Fi Module by Glentronics


Glentronics PHCC Pro Series Wi-Fi Module


Sends sump pump status alerts to your phone, tablet or computer with no monthly fee.

High Water Float by Glentronics


Glentronics High Water Float


This optional add-on for the Wi-Fi module alerts you when water reaches the high water float.

​Get Sump Pump Installation in Chicagoland and Southeast Florida

Our licensed experts specialize in pump replacement or installation of a whole new unit. Let us set up your sump pump, sewage pump and battery backup the right way for the best long-term results. Here’s what you can expect from us:


Request a free in-home consultation, and we’ll assess your situation and give a system recommendation.


Once you choose your water pump system, schedule a convenient installation appointment with our team.


We’ll arrive on time to professionally install your system. Installation should take no more than 90 minutes.



We’ll test and assess your new pump and battery backup to ensure they’ll work whenever you need them.


Once we’re done, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing your system will provide the ongoing protection you need.


We provide ongoing yearly maintenance to ensure your system stays healthy and ready at a moment’s notice.

Experience the Benefits of a Sump Pump from Angel Water


Expel Water Fast

Your drainage pump will remove water from your home at a rate of 35 gallons per minute or more!


No Power, No Problem

No worries if a storm knocks out your electricity. The battery backup will run for multiple hours.


Increased Home Value

Thinking of selling your home? A quality sump pump and battery backup are strong selling points!


Calm in the Storm

With full protection from basement flooding, you’ll have one less thing to worry about during storms.


Stay in the Know

Add Wi-Fi-enabled monitoring to your pump to receive alerts on your phone, tablet or computer.


Lower Insurance Premiums

Many insurance companies provide discounts on insurance policies for homes with sump pumps.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please call 847-382-7800.

What are sump pumps and battery backups?

Sump pumps are electrical pumps designed to safely remove water from your basement or crawl space. Every pump should have a battery backup to keep the water moving even if there’s a power outage.

Is a basement pump under a house really necessary?

Absolutely! For homes in areas that get a lot of precipitation, such as Chicago, IL, and West Palm Beach, FL, these systems are essential. Rainwater inevitably infiltrates a home’s foundation, and the only way to keep it from causing problems down there is to suck it out. The electrical pump will protect you from all sorts of costly problems that occur when water gets into a basement.

How do I know if I need a sewage pump for my home?

If your home has any water-consuming appliances, bathrooms or fixtures located below the main sewer or septic line, you’ll likely need a sewage pump. A sewage pump ensures that wastewater can be effectively and safely transported out of your home. Homes with basements that have bathrooms or laundry rooms often require a sewage pump.

How do I know what kind of pump I need?

It’s crucial to choose the right size system for your home. Choosing one that is too large or too small will lead to the pump not working as efficiently as it should and burning out prematurely. Therefore, it’s a good idea to seek out expert guidance when making your decision.

At Angel Water, we provide that guidance by taking precise measurements, including the diameter and depth of your sump pit and how high and how far away you need to pump the water. We also factor in how often your sump pit tends to fill with water. Based on this information, we’ll provide our recommendation for the best sump pump for your home.

How often should I replace my pump?

We recommend you replace your sump pump every five or six years, depending on the manufacturer and warranty coverage on the system. If you move into a new home with a basement pump and aren’t sure how old it is, we recommend replacing it right away to be safe.

Should my pump run all the time?

No! Sump pumps should not constantly run. When this happens, it can wear out the motor and decrease the system’s lifespan. If you do hear your pump running a lot, then there’s probably an issue with it, and you should have it inspected soon by a licensed technician. A standard pump typically shouldn’t run more than 2-3 times a day.

Why is my sump system running so often?

There are many potential causes for an overactive pump. The problem could be with the system itself. Check to see if the float switch is stuck, the discharge pipe is obstructed or the check valve is damaged. If none of these are the problem, it could also be that your sump pump and/or tank are not large enough for your home. External factors could also be at play, including a broken water main or high groundwater level around your home.

If you’re having trouble figuring out why your system keeps running, please call us at (847) 382-7800. We’d be happy to discuss more possible causes with you or schedule a maintenance appointment to figure it out.

What’s the difference between a sump pump and a sewage pump?

Both sump pumps and sewage pumps eject water from the lowest level of a home. However, sewage pumps differ in that they can also transport solids along with the water. Whereas sump pumps remove rainwater from a home’s basement, sewage pumps carry solid and liquid waste from underground rooms to a sewage line or septic tank at ground level. Sewage pumps are often used for wastewater removal from basement bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.

How can I tell if my sump pump isn’t working?

If you don’t have a battery backup, then you might not find out your pump isn’t working until it’s too late. This is why we always recommend having a battery backup pump. When your primary pump fails and water starts getting into your sump pit, your battery backup pump will turn on and sound a loud siren to let you know that your main pump failed. This will give you time to get your primary pump working again while the battery backup unit keeps you protected.

How does a battery backup system work?

A battery backup features a second water pump that sits slightly higher than your main sump pump. This second pump is attached to a 12-volt battery, which remains charged and ready for a power outage. If your primary pump fails and water reaches the backup, it will kick on using the battery power and sound a siren to alert you that your main pump isn’t working.

How long will a battery backup sump pump work?

A battery backup pump can typically run for about 4-8 hours before the battery runs out. However, the amount of time can vary depending on the type of pump.

How much do sump pumps and battery backups cost?

The price of a sump pump and battery backup varies depending on the quality of the system. You can find inexpensive units in hardware stores for as low as $30, but we wouldn’t recommend buying one of those. Instead, we’d recommend buying a higher-quality unit that will give you more dependable results. This will be significantly more expensive but worth it for the trustworthy protection it will provide.

What should I do if my sump pump alarm goes off?

When your alarm sounds, it indicates something is wrong with your system, but you don’t need to panic. Instead, inspect your sump pump to identify the problem. If you can’t find anything visibly wrong with your pump, contact a professional for assistance.

What are the signs that my submersible pump needs maintenance?

Many red flags indicate a pump needs service, including unusual noises, the pump running constantly and excessive vibration. If problems like these go untreated for too long, they will result in your sump pump failing and needing replacement. We recommend having your system serviced at least once a year by a licensed professional to keep it working properly.

We’re Here to Keep Your Basement Dry and Undamaged!

Don’t let storms make you fear a flooded foundation! Instead, invest in the best sewage pumps, sump pumps and battery backups licensed installation and yearly maintenance from Angel Water. Please call us today or click the button to the right to schedule a free consultation. You can also stop by one of our locations in Barrington, IL, St. Charles, IL, or West Palm Beach, FL, to browse our selection of products