Our Cause

Bringing Pure, Clean Drinking Water to Communities Around the World.


Up to 60% of the human body is composed of water, with this vital nutrient being found in nearly every organ, bone and cell. This isn’t only true of the human body, either – animals are made extensively of water, and our very planet contains 75% water. When we say water is life, we mean everything is made of water to varying degrees.

At Angel Water, we’re privileged to serve our neighbors in the Chicagoland area and West Palm Beach with an essential life nutrient – whether for community events, local charities, homes or businesses. And it’s with your help that we’ve been able to expand our clean water mission to communities that desperately need access to the healthiest, cleanest drinking water.

Our global Clean Water Project is a major step in our goal to provide as many people as possible with pure, clean water. For this endeavor, we’ve partnered with the Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple monks in Kanthale, Sri Lanka, to help improve water quality at a local elementary school. Contaminants and toxins were continually making the children sick, and our partnership aims to stop that.

“When we drink water with exposure to contaminants, our mind and body become that.”

Dear Andrew,

I just want to say thank you to you directly for your generous donation and support of my country. I can truly feel how deeply you have touched the hearts of the people. Many of the families in that area only have a single parent or the grandparents are raising the kids. They don’t have money for even basic water filters or bottled water. Now they have somewhere to get safe water. It’s actually so amazing to me. I am so Grateful to Aubria who coordinate this charity project.

— Bhante Sujatha

Why We’re Passionate About Clean Water

We may have taken our cause globally, but that passion to make a difference started right here in Illinois. Our CEO, Drew, saw firsthand the dangers lurking in unfiltered tap water when a neglected Superfund site was discovered less than 2,000 feet from his front door. Every home on the block found dangerous toxins in their water supply – every home except one.

Drew and his family weren’t exposed to these toxins, thanks to the whole house filter and under-sink reverse osmosis system he had installed a few years earlier. That day, access to pure, clean water saved Drew’s family from a potentially horrible fate, and he’s passionate about passing this saving grace on to as many people as possible.

Drew’s journey fueled our company’s belief that healthy drinking water is the most crucial aspect of a healthy lifestyle. Even more importantly, it fueled our belief that everyone should have access to the clean, pure water their bodies so desperately need.

How You Can Support Angel’s Clean Water Project.

Healthy Family, Healthy World

With every purchase of a reverse osmosis drinking water system from Angel Water, we donate $100 to fund Angel’s Clean Water Project. Not only are you providing pure, clean drinking water for your family, but you’re giving the gift of clean water to children and families around the world.

Help Out in Style

Purchase any Angel Water T-shirt or sustainable water bottle, and 100% of the proceeds will fund Angel’s Clean Water Project. You receive a stylish gift and get to help solve the world’s water access problem. It’s a win-win!

From the Founders

Water filter company building and employees

If you’d like to team up with us, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We try to organize volunteer efforts in the community. Enter your email address below, and we’ll inform you about the next opportunity to get more involved.

We respect your privacy and protect it.


Andrew Wilson
CEO of Angel Water

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