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Our Cause

Bringing Pure, Clean Drinking Water to Communities Around the World.


At Angel Water, we're privileged to serve you, our neighbors, in the Chicagoland area, providing clean water for community events, local charities, homes, and businesses. It's with your help that we've expanded our mission to make communities in need healthier with access to the best drinking water.

We have launched our global Clean Water Project in partnership with the Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple in Kanthale, Sri Lanka

The monks at the Blue Lotus Temple have been working to improve the water quality at a local elementary school where contaminants and toxins were continually making the children sick.

"When we drink water with exposure to contaminants, our mind and body become that."

How you can support Angel's Clean Water Project.

Healthy family, healthy world

With every purchase of a reverse osmosis drinking water system from Angel Water, we donate $100 to fund Angel's Clean Water Project. Not only are you providing pure, clean drinking water for your family, but you're giving the gift of clean water to children and families around the world.

Help out in style.

Purchase any Angel Water T-shirt or sustainable water bottle, and 100% of the proceeds will go to fund Angel's Clean Water Project.

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From the Founders

If you’d like to team up with us, we try to organize volunteer efforts in the community. Enter your email address below and we’ll let you know about the next opportunity to get more involved.

We respect your privacy and protect it.


Andrew Wilson
Advocate for Clean Water
CEO of Angel Water