Meet Our CEO: Drew the Water Guru

Your Guide on The Journey to Healthier, Cleaner Water

Are you tired of misinformation about the city and well water your family regularly consumes? Do you feel that your water might be making your family sick or, at the very least, leading to dry skin, a flaky scalp and brittle hair? If you do, you’re not alone. Many people understand that their water isn’t as clean as it’s made out to be, but they don’t know where to get reliable information. Thankfully, you’ve reached the right place! Drew the Water Guru is ready to guide you into a future of healthier, cleaner water.

As the CEO of Angel Water, Drew isn’t just a name but a symbol of expertise and dedication. His passion for providing people with the information and solutions they need to regain control of their health is unparalleled. But who is “Drew the Water Guru” and why should you trust him to be a beacon of truth in a sea of misinformation? Below, learn about Drew’s journey to healthier, cleaner water and how it drastically altered his life’s path.

He Saw Firsthand the Dangers Lurking in Unfiltered Tap Water

When our CEO, Drew, moved into a Chicago suburbs home with his young family, he was friends with the previous owner of Angel Water. This personal connection, combined with his work in the healthcare and fitness industries, led Drew to install a whole-house water filter – something he believed to be a luxury item at the time. Little did he know this decision would soon become a life-saving one, as he would soon find out the dangers of drinking unfiltered tap water.

Several years later, a neglected Superfund site was discovered just a stone’s throw away from Drew’s home. This site was seeping dangerous toxins into the neighborhood’s water supply, affecting every house on the block. Except one. Drew’s home, protected by a whole-house water filter, was a sanctuary of clean water in a sea of contamination. This incident underscored the critical importance of clean water, a lesson that would shape the future of Angel Water.

A Career Change Was Needed

Before assuming the CEO role at Angel Water, Drew had a career in the fitness and pharmaceutical industries. His encounters with people who were already sick, and his deep understanding of the industry’s workings, sparked a desire for change.

Drew’s disdain for the reactive nature of the health industry fueled his ambition to make a difference. He didn’t want to fix people, he wanted to save them, and this mission became the driving force behind Angel Water.

Finally, an opportunity to do just that presented itself – and Drew knew he couldn’t say no. That fateful career change would catapult him down the path to becoming “Drew the Water Guru.”

Drew the Water Guru Carries on His Friend’s Mission

When the original owner of Angel Water decided to retire, Drew made him an offer for his company. In his own words:

Image of our CEO, Drew the Water Guru

My work in fitness, and later in pharmaceuticals, often had me getting to people once they were already sick. I saw an opportunity with Angel Water to help people before they were affected by dangerous toxins. Owning Angel Water and working with my incredible team has been the most fulfilling work of my life.

Drew is so passionate about educating people on this topic so near and dear to his heart that he’s earned the nickname “Drew the Water Guru.” He takes the time to answer people’s questions and give them the truth about every product Angel Water sells. You’ll never fall victim to dishonest sales tactics here because it’s about more than turning a profit—it’s about changing a life.

Sharing His Passion and Knowledge with the World

Drew the Water Guru keeps his finger on the pulse of everything related to water and healthier living. From water incidents and new studies to the latest in water filtration technology, he’s always ready to share this knowledge with his customers and the world.

One way he shares this information to keep you and your family safe is through the extensive resources section on the Angel Water website. Here, you’ll find a wealth of videos, blogs and FAQs that answer all your most pressing questions about toxins and water filtration

Another way is through his YouTube channel, which regularly posts new content. You’ll find answers to all your questions and receive the latest information about Angel Water. Be sure to check out these excellent resources!

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