Enhance Your Family’s Health with an Alkaline Water Machine

Help Restore Your Body to a Healthier Alkaline State

Many believe your body’s pH level has much to do with your health. If your blood is too acidic, it can lead to a host of health problems – including digestive problems, fatigue, drowsiness and headaches. It could also lead to an increased risk of cancer. Helping your body become more alkaline can help decrease or remedy many of these problems, and an alkaline water machine is an easy way to get started.

At Angel Water, our mission is to make you and your family healthier. Besides our many other helpful products, we provide one of the best alkaline water machines for your home. Our Ecowater Alkaline/Remineralizing System can:

  • Make your water taste better
  • Be added as an upgrade to your existing RO system
  • Make your body more alkaline
  • Potentially decrease risks of getting cancer
  • Potentially ease digestive problems, fatigue and headaches
  • And Much More!

Meet the Best Home Alkaline Water System for Your Family’s Drinking Water

At Angel Water, we don’t just sell you products we don’t believe in to make a buck. We do our research because your family’s health is the most important thing to us. That’s why we provide a premium home alkaline water system that we feel confident putting our name behind. We’ll also help you install, upgrade or maintain your alkaline water maker so it keeps working for you.

Ecowater Alkaline/Remineralizing System (EACW)

Although this alkaline water machine looks small, it’s incredibly powerful. Water is directed through the filter, where it dissolves minerals to make your tap taste better. Our trusted alkaline water maker is equipped with the following unrivaled features:

  • Encapsulated replacement filters with a sealed outer shell
  • Chlorine taste, odor and sediment reduction
  • Guaranteed to raise water pH to between 9 and 10
  • Makes water taste better
  • Simple installation and replacement
  • Adds minerals back in for healthier, purer drinking water
  • Compatible with certain reverse osmosis systems

How The Top Alkaline Water Machine Will Benefit You and Your Family

Your family will love the many benefits of our alkaline water machine – and you’ll love how it helps increase their health. A few of the many benefits of using our alkaline water filter include:

Increases Body Alkalinity

Reduce the acidity in your body with higher pH water so you can feel better and potentially reduce the risks of cancer or other illnesses. Combine with a healthy diet of alkaline foods to see the quickest, most efficient results. 

Better Tasting Water

Once water runs through our filter, it tastes more like mineral water than tap water. When water tastes better, you and your family (especially your children) are more likely to drink the recommended minimum daily.

Stops Bad Smells

Does your water smell like chlorine? Or worse, like that rotten egg sulfur smell? Our alkaline water machine filter reduces foul odors, so you’re left with fresh, pure water that doesn’t have you wrinkling your nose every time your faucet runs. 

Simple Installation

Protecting the health of your family shouldn’t be hard. That’s why our alkaline water filter is simple to install. Of course, we can take care of everything for you, making it even simpler! 

RO Compatibility

Already have an existing reverse osmosis water system? Our Ecowater filter is compatible with many of these, so it can be installed as an upgrade to your current system. Contact us today to find out if your RO system is compatible!

Sediment Reduction

Nobody wants to drink water with little particles of who-knows-what floating in. Thankfully, our alkaline filter reduces or eradicates this sediment, leaving you with a clear glass of water to quench your thirst!

Get Professional Installation in Chicagoland and Southeast Florida

Our team can help you install and maintain your alkaline water machine along with your RO system. We have the licensing and experience to provide you and your family with the most professional, thorough services. Here’s what you can expect when working with us:


We’ll come to your home and test your water to identify impurities, chemicals, foul smells and more.


You’ll receive a thorough home inspection to ensure we can install an RO system with an alkaline water filter.


We’ll make recommendations on the best RO system (if you don’t have one) and installation place.


Once we’ve decided on the best product to protect your family, we’ll schedule an appointment that works for you.


Our professional, dedicated team will install your RO system and alkaline water machine under the sink or in your basement.


When we’re finished, your family will have safe, pure, alkaline water to fuel your health for years to come!

Hear From A Few of Our Satisfied Customers

The Technician was very professional, courteous and experienced. Something you don’t see much anymore.

— Judy Foreman Google Review

The tech was the best I’ve ever experienced–better than ABT, Xfinity, etc.   He was very knowledgeable and thoroughly answered all our questions, explained each step and the costs, didn’t rush to get to the next job.

— Richard Kerndt Google Review

We have been doing business with Angel Water since 1978.  Service has been excellent, prompt, complete, courteous and at a reasonable price.  We have both a water softener and a reverse osmosis system.  We have never been over sold by them.

— Larry W. Google Review

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please call us at (847) 382-7800 or contact us online, if preferred.

Why do I need a top alkaline water machine?

Many health practitioners believe alkaline water can ease acid reflux, support bone health and keep you more hydrated than traditional pH options. Some studies show alkaline water can alleviate skin issues, reduce blood glucose levels, and improve metabolic function.

What makes your product the best alkaline water machine?

Only the Ecowater Alkaline/Remineralizing Water Filter has a patented alkaline system that also purifies water, allowing it to pack a double punch in the healthy water department.

What if I don’t have an existing reverse osmosis system?

Our team can recommend, install and maintain a reverse osmosis system that will work best for your home’s unique water filtration needs.

Where should my RO/alkaline water system be placed?

The best placement will vary from one home to another. However, we often recommend installing our RO and alkaline water machines beneath the kitchen sink or in the basement, near your home’s primary water source. These areas are the most efficient for treating your home’s water.

Do you provide maintenance for these systems?

Yes! At Angel Water, we provide maintenance for all the systems we sell and install.

How do I know if my alkaline water system is working correctly?

The first thing you should notice is an improvement in your water quality. You may see that it tastes better, doesn’t smell bad and has no more sediment. How noticeable these changes are will depend on the original quality of your water before the alkaline water machine was installed.

The next changes you might notice are related to your and your family’s health. Over time, the water will help increase your body’s alkalinity. As it does, you may notice you have less digestive problems, fewer headaches and more energy overall. Depending on your specific health complaints, you may see other improvements, too.

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