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Water Treatment Solutions To Help You Have Incredible Drinking Water At Home!

Take our FREE online water quality Assessment Quiz.

Water treatment solutions to help you have incredible drinking water at home

In 21st-century America, you take for granted that fresh, clean water is just a few seconds away when you turn on the faucet…or can you? How well do you know where your water comes from and how it’s treated? Is it picking up pesticides from the soil? Is it contaminated with lead from your water main?

At Angel Water, Inc. in Barrington, IL, our mission is to teach you what’s in your water and how to achieve the cleanest, safest, best-tasting water possible.

You can’t treat water effectively without knowing what’s in it. That’s why we test your water and do our best to educate you about the issues specific to your area and your home. Municipal water sourced from Lake Michigan is different from well water sourced from an aquifer, and your water treatment solution should reflect that.

Illinois State Law

Requires a Licenced Plumber for Water Filter Installations for Safer, Healthier Water

Once we know what’s in your water, we help eliminate your water issues with high-quality water treatment products, including:

Water Softener Installations Require a Licensed Plumber: It’s the Law!

Our licensed plumbers have been installing, servicing, and replacing these systems since we were founded in 1972. We lead the way in professional water treatment in Barrington, IL and the Chicago area, and proudly install only NSF-certified equipment proven to meet strict industry standards.

If those solutions won’t work for you, we’ll even deliver our very own bottled water right to your door. What’s most important is that you’re satisfied with the safety and quality of your water.

Understanding Water Quality for your Family.

Chicago Water Filters, Water Softeners and Reverse Osmosis Systems

Our 40+ years of experience in water filtering systems and home water purification systems has made Angel Water your best choice to learn about protecting your family’s health. Learn about well water purification and your responsibilities as a well owner in our Water Education section. Or, learn why Reverse Osmosis Filtration is a healthy addition to your city water system.

In an era of misinformation provided via the internet, we educate clients on how to make decisions about water conditioning, water filtration and water purification that make sense for their family and their budget. “Safer, Softer, Water for Life” is more than our slogan, it is our mission.

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