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Protect your family and the environment from pollutants and contaminates that make their way into America’s water supply by installing an Angel Water Inc. water treatment system today. From whole house filters to top of the line water softeners to NSF-certified drinking filters our systems are perfect for city or well water. Our products will bring your family clean, fresh water free of contaminants and chemicals. It’s important to remember that filtered water isn’t just for drinking! Using a whole house filter or shower filter can remove most of the chlorine in your water which means soft, healthy hair and skin for your whole family.

The innovative technology in our water treatment ensures low environmental impact and long term financial savings while you filter the water in your home. Our products are perfect for all your water needs from large homes to apartments, condos, and townhomes, and even boats and RVs.

Angel Water doesn’t just offer fantastic top-of-the-line products, we also have friendly, personal customer service agents standing by to help you choose the system that’s right for you!

Illinois State Law

Requires a Licenced Plumber for Water Filter Installations for Safer, Healthier Water

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Angel Water has an extensive family of products, powered by Hellenbrand® and EcoWater®, to cleanse your well or city water, from water softeners to oxygen injection systems. At Angel Water you will find the right product to fit your needs. To learn more and find out what fits your needs, check out our products section.

What can Our water filters do for you:

  1. Chlorine Injection System:

    Similar to Municipal Water Systems, this system eliminates bacteria, odors and iron from your water supply and protects your family and home from unhealthy well water.
  2. Angel Ozone Injection System:

    Using Ozone, this system oxidizes, eliminates iron, sulfur and organics providing your home with highly desirable water.
  3. Angel’s Whole House Filter System:

    Using high grade carbon, this filter system removes numerous contaminates from your water yielding water quality throughout your entire home.

Understanding Water Quality for your Family.

Chicago Water Filter, Softener and Reverse Osmosis Systems

Angel-Water-Vans Our 40+ years of experience in water filtering systems and home water purification systems has made Angel Water your best choice to learn about protecting your your family’s health. Learn about well water purification and your responsibilities as a well owner in our Water Education section. Or, learn why Reverse Osmosis Filtration is a healthy addition to your city water system.

In an era of misinformation provided via the internet, we educate clients on how to make decisions about water conditioning, water filtration and water purification that make sense for their family and their budget. “Safer, Softer, Water for Life” is more than our slogan, it is our mission.

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