Angel Water Is Passionate About Healthy Drinking Water!

At Angel Water, we believe healthy drinking water is the most crucial aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

That’s why we’re passionate about bringing people the products, services and education they need to understand how to achieve the best drinking water for your health straight from their tap. After all, we’ve seen the dangers of unfiltered water firsthand, and we want to protect your family from the potentially devastating side effects it can cause.

Our vision of a perfect world is one where everyone has access to water that’s clean, free of toxins and tastes great. We believe the right water filtration system in each home is crucial to this goal. Contact us today to learn more about our mission, products or services.

Our Mission: Bring Clean, Healthy Drinking Water to Everyone

We’re on a mission to bring clean, healthy drinking water to everyone – one customer and one home at a time. Why?

We want to help you protect YOUR family like the original owner of Angel Water protected Drew’s. If you asked us how you could live a healthier lifestyle, the first thing we’d tell you is to get a water filtration system for your home. We genuinely believe this is the biggest key to healthy living.

Actually, ensuring you have safe, clean water can solve a lot of problems. Did you know your home’s water could cause your dry skin? You could fix the problem with clean, filtered drinking water for healthy skin. The same idea applies if you have a dry scalp, itchy skin, fatigue, poor digestion… the list of things your tap water can cause goes on. But most people wouldn’t know that.

That’s why we don’t just sell products, we educate people on what’s really in their family’s drinking water. Sometimes, ignorance isn’t truly bliss – it’s downright dangerous. The most important thing is thoroughly understanding how tap water works, what contaminants are found in it, and how a filtration system can help. You deserve the information needed to make informed decisions about your family’s health.

Saving People Money and Hassle Alongside Our Core Mission

Water bottles lined up with a big red X through them

At Angel Water, our core mission may be to bring clean, healthy water to everyone, but we also want to save people money and hassle by kicking the water bottle habit! Many homes with unfiltered tap water use water bottles for drinking, cooking, tea, coffee and more.

But that habit gets expensive quickly! Recent statistics show that the average American family spends about $1,350 annually on water bottles!

A whole-house water filtration system might require a larger upfront investment, but it’s much more affordable in the long term. Plus, you reap the benefits of healthy, soft, toxin-free water in every faucet of your home. Otherwise, those water bottles only solve part of the problem and do nothing about the damage hard water and corrosive toxins cause to your appliances and pipes.

Plus, lugging those heavy cases of water around the store and into your home is a big hassle. It’s even worse if you live in an apartment, high-rise or college dorm. You could be lugging those heavy cases up multiple stories and across extensive hallways. A whole-house or countertop water filtration system solves that hassle and makes your life significantly easier – and that’s one of the things Angel Water is so passionate about helping with!

Hear From Our Previous Customers!

We can tell you that we’re customer-focused all we want, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Hear from just a few of the many who have joined us on our journey to better health below.

Both techs that have visited our home so far are very helpful and knowledgeable. Friendly and answer phone, great pricing and service compared to the more local company that previously provided our Ecowater parts and service. So happy to have found them through Costco.

— Patti, Google Review

A representative came out to our home and was very knowledgeable. He tested our water and made appropriate recommendations. They returned to install and the technician was very nice and efficient. Overall the whole experience was amazing!

— Tiffany, Google Review

A Future Where All Tap Water is Safe Drinking Water

At Angel Water, we’re working towards a future where all tap water is safe drinking water. Through consistent education and offering NSF-certified products that can make this happen, we move towards our dream one customer at a time.

But we’re not stopping at safe drinking water…

We want to help our customers make their homes as safe and healthy for their families as possible. That’s why we’ve recently expanded our offerings to include medical-grade air purifiers. Our water filtration systems protect your family against carcinogens, toxins, chemicals and more. At the same time, our new air purifiers can remove viruses and allergens from the air so your family breathes better.

As time continues and new research becomes available, we’ll continue to expand our product offerings. Of course, we’ll always keep you up to date on the latest science and news about healthy water and air.

Meet Our CEO: Drew the Water Guru

Our CEO, Drew, saw the dangers lurking in unfiltered tap water firsthand and chose to spread awareness, education and high-quality solutions to the public. When his friend (the original owner of Angel Water) retired, Drew jumped on the chance to pursue his life’s passion. This passion earned him the nickname “Drew the Water Guru.”

Join Our Mission for A Healthier Future Today!

Every member of our expert team is passionate about keeping you and your family healthy. We’ve done this for decades through our water filtration systems and have now decided to expand into air purifiers.

You can join us on our mission for a healthier future today by scheduling a consultation to learn more about how our products provide your family with healthy drinking water and clean indoor air. Don’t wait to get started – your family’s health is at stake.

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