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I’m passionate about keeping people healthy.

The Angel Water team and I come to work every day with a common goal: to bring pure, clean, healthy drinking water to everyone we can. Our mission is to provide you tap water that is free of the toxins and chemicals that can cause longterm damage to your home, and to the health of your family.


CEO, Angel Water

Our Founding

Angel Water changed my life, even before I owned it.

Years ago, when I moved my young family into our home in the suburbs of Chicago, I became friends with the previous owner of Angel Water. He talked a lot about the value of a whole-home water filtration system, and convinced me to have one installed. While the quality of our drinking water noticeably improved, I considered the system a luxury item. Boy, was I wrong.

Fast forward several years. Not 200 yards from our front door a neglected Super Fund site was discovered. It had been leaching carcinogenic toxins into the water supply of our neighborhood. Every house on our block had toxins in their water. Every house except for ours. My friend had saved my family from a potentially horrible fate.

Around the same time, I encountered a woman in my work in pharmaceuticals whose daughter was very ill. She’d been given a dire prognosis, and the doctors had given up on her ever recovering. The woman, unwilling to let her daughter go, consulted a homeopath who told her that her daughter’s illness wasn’t fatal. Instead, her daughter was very sensitive to artificial and chemical ingredients in food and water. The homeopath advised that she feed her an all-organic diet, but most importantly, she needed to be drinking pure, clean water.

She approached me for help. I told her about my friend, the Angel Water owner, and what he’d done for my family. She had a similar reverse osmosis water filtration system installed in her home. They changed their diet. The little girl got better. She wasn’t supposed to live to finish elementary school. Today, she’s working on her master’s degree.

Seeing how pure, clean water can actually save lives changed the trajectory of my life. When my friend decided to retire, I made him an offer for his company. My work in fitness, and later in pharmaceuticals, often had me getting to people once they were already sick. I saw an opportunity with Angel Water to help people before they were affected by dangerous toxins.

Owning Angel Water, and working with my incredible team, has been the most fulfilling work of my life. I look forward getting to know you, and welcoming you into the Angel Water family.

Angel Water building with company vans
Angel Water original building