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9 Common Well Water Problems and How to Easily Solve Them

In this blog, you will learn: There are many common well water problems, including film on dishes, orange stains and oily water. The cause of these common problems include hard water and contaminants like iron and hydrogen sulfide. You can solve these problems with water treatment equipment, such as reverse osmosis systems, chlorine injection systems […]

What Do I Need to Know About Well Water?

Learn How to Make Your Well Water Clean and Pleasant If you’re like many residents throughout Chicago and the surrounding region, you may draw your drinking water from a well. This means you’re totally outside of your city’s water infrastructure. While that can be good for avoiding certain types of pollutants like mercury and VOCs […]

Why Well Water Users Need a Chlorination System

Wells are the natural way to get water, so it must be clean and healthy, right? Wrong! Well water doesn’t go through a water treatment plant like municipal water. That means it might contain contaminants like volatile organic compounds, coliform bacteria, lead, and other toxins. Municipal sources disinfect their water with chlorine, so you need […]

What Well Owners Should Know

Are you a new well owner and not sure of the proper steps to care for it? No need to worry, it isn’t as tough as you may think. Here are a few things to remember as you go about being a private well owner. 1. Test well water at least once per year. Try […]

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