Signs Your Well Water is Contaminated

Signs Your Well Water is Contaminated by Angel Water Inc.Wells can become contaminated from many sources either man-made or natural. Sometimes you will be effected immediately while other times you may never show side effects at all. Some of the contaminating chemicals are obvious, while some of the most dangerous chemicals can be taste-less, odor-less and invisible. Here are some red flags to look for in your water:
• Scale or Scum from Calcium or Magnesium salts in water.
• Unclear/turbid water from dirt, clay salts, silt or rust in water.
• Green stains on sinks or faucets caused by high acidity.
• Brown or red stains on sinks, clothes or dishwasher comes from dissolved iron in water.
• Cloudy water may have air bubbles from poorly working pump or problem with filters.
• Salty taste from high sodium content in water
• Soapy taste from dissolved alkaline minerals in water
• Chemical taste from industrial chemicals or pesticides
• Metallic taste from acidity or high iron content in water
• Rotten egg smell caused by dissolved hydrogen sulfide gas or bacteria in your water
• Detergent smell caused by septic tanks leaking into your ground water well. (Water may be foamy)
• Gasoline smell comes from fuel oil or gasoline seeping into the water supply from a tank.
• Methane gas smell from decaying organic matter in water
• Chlorine smell from excessive chlorination.

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