The Best Countertop RO System

Compact, Convenient, Clean Water for Your Home

Looking for a reliable water treatment system to replace all those plastic bottles? The Countertop RO System offers advanced reverse osmosis technology in an appliance the size of a coffee maker. The system removes up to 99% of contaminants from tap water, including lead, chlorine and bacteria, for pure and great-tasting water your family can enjoy daily.

$399 – Free Shipping!

Why Choose the Countertop RO?

Easy to Install

Unpack and set up on your counter in minutes—no plumbing or drilling required!

Advanced Filtration

The four-stage RO filtration process delivers water free of contaminants and impurities.

Space-Saving Design

The compact, modern design fits easily and blends seamlessly with any kitchen décor.

Tested and Proven

The BPA-free system meets strict NSF 58 standards for the safest and healthiest water.

No More Plastic Waste

Save money and reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the need for bottled water.

Long Filter Lifespan

The filters last 6 months to 2 years, and the system alerts you when they need changing.

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