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Water Filtration Creates Healthier Water
for Your Home and Family!

Angel Water has been around since 1972. We started out as a water softener company dedicated to serving the Chicago region. The company had a simple mission back then, and we loved helping people discover the joys of soft water.

But fifteen years ago, we decided to dream bigger!

Andrew Wilson bought the company and decided to expand it into the areas of plumbing and water filtration. Since then, our company has grown by leaps and bounds and made a huge impact on our region.

So, why is water filtration important? Read on to learn more about why we firmly believe in and love filtered water!

Water Filtration Has the Power to Change Lives

There were a few factors that motivated Andrew to expand into plumbing and filtration. First, he understood that the state of Illinois requires licensed plumbers to install all filtration equipment. Therefore, he made it his goal to find some of the best licensed technicians in the business.

He wanted to assemble this team because he had realized the incredible value of filtered water at his last job.

Andrew’s previous line of work had been in selling pharmaceuticals. He did this because he genuinely believed that the pills were the key to better health.

However, he slowly came to realize that he had been mistaken. He noticed that, while the pills he sold did do some good, they weren’t nearly as effective as eating healthy food and drinking clean water. It was those latter activities that really made a difference in people’s health.

As a result of this discovery, Andrew decided to make clean water his new health crusade. He chose water over healthy food because our bodies are made up of mostly water. It’s the stuff of life. Therefore, the importance of water cannot be overstated.

And so, he made it his mission to teach people the value of consuming properly filtered water. And the impact of this mission has been astounding!

Image of a person’s hands working on a water filtration system.

Andrew made it his goal to hire the best licensed plumbers to install water filters!


We Have Seen Filtered Water Save Lives

We have seen countless examples of the power of clean water over the years. One of the most amazing stories is of a woman with a dying daughter.

She called up Angel Water, asking if we could install a whole house reverse osmosis system for her. At the time she called, this type of system was rare, so we wondered why she wanted it.

She explained that her daughter was dying of a rare condition, and no hospitals in the area could help her.

A doctor of alternative medicine had explained to the woman that her daughter was allergic to the contaminated water in America. In other words, harmful chemicals like chlorine were what was killing her. He told her that only water treated through reverse osmosis could save her child. So, she had turned to our team in a last-ditch effort to save her child.

We wanted to help this dying girl, so we installed the system. As a result, the filter purified all water in the home, including water for bathing, cleaning, and drinking.

The results amazed us. The daughter, who, according to doctors, had only had weeks to live, started to recover. The clean water revived her health and gave her life again.

It’s this type of amazing transformation that energizes us and inspires us to tell everyone we can about the importance of water to life!

Unfortunately, Clean Water Isn’t a Government Priority

As we mentioned in the story, poor water quality was the reason for the daughter’s illness. She had an adverse reaction to the contaminants in her local water, and it could have cost her her life!

The poor water quality in our state and nation is another factor that motivated Andrew to start educating people about water.

When he took over at Angel Water, he did some research and found that toxic chemicals were rampant in American water. However, most of these chemicals didn’t exceed EPA standards, so the government wasn’t doing anything about it.

The problem with these EPA standards was they were established in 1972 and hadn’t been changed since making them horribly outdated. They were also standardized for a 180-pound man. So, they didn’t consider people with other body types or physical conditions.

There were also certain contaminants the government wasn’t doing anything about, such as chromium-6. You may remember chromium-6 as the contaminant featured in the film Erin Brokovich. Even after that film brought attention to the toxin’s harmful effects, the government didn’t do anything about it. After all, it would be too expensive for the government to fund wide-scale reverse osmosis treatments.

Since the government won’t do much about the contamination problem, it’s up to its citizens to protect themselves. Therefore, we at Angel Water want to help as many people as possible do just that!

Image of a father’s hand passing a glass of clean water down to his child.

We believe in empowering families to make the best decisions about their water!


Water Filtration Benefits the Body

Of course, the best answer to the question “Why is water filtration important?” lies in how it helps the body. In truth, using filtered water makes it so much easier for our bodies to function normally.

When we drink contaminated water, it forces our body to expend energy to filter out the harmful elements. We could put this energy to much better use if we didn’t have to expend it combatting pollution.

Therefore, by filtering the water beforehand, we allow our body to conserve that energy and use it for other functions. As a result, we improve our overall health.

Hence, we believe the fountain of youth is full of filtered water. By drinking it regularly, we can make it easier for our bodies to flush the toxins and keep ourselves feeling young and vibrant longer.

Clean Water Benefits the Home

Not only can water filtration make us healthier, but it can also do wonders for the health of our household appliances.

When you run contaminated water through your faucets, dishwashers, washing machines, the contaminants can wear away at the equipment, causing them to break down.

Conversely, by using filtered water, you can save money and avoid the headache of having to get your appliances fixed more often than you should.

Great health and longer-lasting appliances—these benefits sound like a win-win to us!

We Want to Help You Keep Your Water Clean!

At Angel Water, we are committed to making water healthier for your home and family. So, if you have questions about your water, please do not hesitate to reach out! Our experts can help you diagnose what’s wrong with your water and determine the right filtration products for your home.


Call us today at 847-382-7800 to hear from a clean water expert!

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