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Kildeer Water Softeners: How to Avoid Buying the Wrong Water Softener!

In this blog, you will learn: Kildeer water softeners are essential for eliminating hard water from the home. There are three main types of water softeners: ion exchange systems, salt-free systems and reverse osmosis systems. The most important factors to consider when buying a water softener are where it was manufactured, NSF certification, warranty coverage […]

Did You Know Angel Water is Now in St. Charles, IL?

In this blog, you will discover these great things about our St. Charles location: We offer resources and services to help you understand what is in your water. Our showroom features a wide variety of top-quality products from trusted brands. We can help you keep your equipment running smoothly by providing expert maintenance and important […]

How to Avoid Water Softener Systems Scams Online

Be Wary of These Scams When Shopping for Water Softener Systems! The Internet can be a scary place. Just ask anyone who’s shopped for water softener systems online. They’ll surely have some horror stories to tell about the scams they’ve encountered. You can never be too careful! Sadly, there are people out there that want […]

Why Licensed Plumbers Should Install All Water Treatment Products

You wouldn’t pay an unlicensed surgeon to illegally operate on you to save a few bucks, would you? If not, you also shouldn’t pay an unlicensed plumber to install the equipment that ensures you have access to safe, clean water. Water softeners and other water treatment products have to meet codes set by the Department […]

Are Salt-Based or Salt-Free Water Softeners Better? [Infographic]

Do Salt-Free Water Softeners Live Up to Marketing Claims? Saltless water softeners claim to deliver the same results without the size and hassle of salt-based systems. These salt-free setups promise no more large salt tank taking up room, no more spending money on salt bags, and no more back pain from hauling them home to […]

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