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9 Common Well Water Problems and How to Easily Solve Them

In this blog, you will learn: There are many common well water problems, including film on dishes, orange stains and oily water. The cause of these common problems include hard water and contaminants like iron and hydrogen sulfide. You can solve these problems with water treatment equipment, such as reverse osmosis systems, chlorine injection systems […]

How a Whole House Reverse Osmosis System Gets Rid of Silica

In this article, you will learn: Silica is a harmful contaminant that can cause glass etching, clogged faucets and health issues if inhaled. A whole house reverse osmosis system is the most effective tool for filtering silica. Homeowners should get their water tested if they are experiencing any symptoms of silica contamination. Why Get a […]

5 Important Reasons for Drinking Water Testing in Chicagoland

In this article, you will learn: Well water requires regular testing because its contents change frequently. City water needs testing because contamination persists despite the city’s efforts. Drinking water testing can save you money and protect your health. Angel Water takes care of water testing for you and explains the results to you. Why is […]

What Contaminants Do Refrigerator Filters Remove Anyway?

In this blog you will learn these important points about refrigerator filters and more: Fridge filters can only remove chlorine from the water. The filters can’t remove lead, chromium-6, and other contaminants found in Chicago water. You will likely need a stronger filter to give your home the protection it needs. Homeowners should get their […]

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