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What Constitutes a High-Quality Water Filtration System?

When you’re buying a water filtration system, how do you judge the quality of a system? First of all, you have to conduct water testing to figure out which contaminants your system needs to eliminate. Next, you need to compare product claims using certifications as your standard. However, you have to pay close attention to […]

Should I Filter My Water?

The New York Times says using a water filter can improve the quality of your water and protect you from contaminants. How else can a water filter improve your water quality?

Aquafina Pays the Price for Plastic

How much money have you wasted on plastic water bottles? After pressure from Corporate Accountability International, Aquafina will be adding the phrase “P.W.S” to their plastic water bottles. This lets consumers know that the bottled water comes straight from the tap. “P.W.S.” is short for public water source and by revealing the secret ingredient in […]

BACOG Well Water Testing Event: October 13th

BACOG Private Well Water Testing Event: October 13th at the Garlands of Barrington Does your water smell like rotten eggs? How often do you need to chlorinate your well? What does it mean when your water is discolored? How does a septic system work? To answer your questions about water, the Barrington Area Council of […]

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