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Got Sulfur Bacteria? A Chlorine Injection System Will Help!

Eliminate Sulfur Bacteria with High-Quality Chlorine Injection Systems! Do you get your drinking water from a well system? If you do, then you should know the EPA does not regulate the use of private wells. In other words, the government does not protect your water from contamination! This may sound alarming, but don’t panic. As […]

What Do I Need to Know About Well Water?

Learn How to Make Your Well Water Clean and Pleasant If you’re like many residents throughout Chicago and the surrounding region, you may draw your drinking water from a well. This means you’re totally outside of your city’s water infrastructure. While that can be good for avoiding certain types of pollutants like mercury and VOCs […]

How Is Chloramine Used in Water Treatment Facilities?

Learn About this Disinfectant Your Water Treatment Facility May Be Using Would you drink water with ammonia and chlorine mixed in? It may not sound appetizing, but that may be exactly what your water treatment company is putting in your water. Chloramine, a mix of ammonia and chlorine, is increasingly commonly used as a disinfectant […]

What Is the History of Water Treatment?

Did you know water treatment goes back all the way to 2000 BC? In this post, we trace the development of water treatment methodology from its origins, through the ages, and into the modern era. We’ve come a long way from just boiling and straining our drinking water. For the latest in water treatment equipment and […]

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