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Could your home be the next Flint? Over 2,000 US water systems test positive for high levels of lead contamination, and more than half of this country’s homes could contain lead plumbing. Many of those systems also supply day cares and elementary schools. Lead poisoning is a serious problem that results in cognitive difficulties, headaches, mood swings, stomach pain, and more. Protect your family from this overlooked epidemic. Call Angel Water today and make sure your water’s safe!


Lead pipes can play a major role in the lead contamination taking place across the U.S.

Lead pipes can play a major role in the lead contamination taking place across the U.

Lead Poisoning in the United States

In the United States over 2,000 water systems tested positive for high levels of lead contamination. One of the main reasons people are so aware about testing for lead in their water is because of the corruption surrounding Flint, MI.

According to the US Census Bureau, more than half of the homes in the U.S. were built before 1980 and it’s possible those homes could contain lead plumbing. For those counting, that means 75 millions homes have become susceptible to the threat of lead poisoning.

For the families living there, that means:

  • They might endure lower cognitive function
  • Have headaches on a regular basis
  • Have mood swings on a regular basis
  • Endure constant stomach pain and intestinal issues

But it’s not only homes that have been negatively impacted by lead. According to, “of the 2,000 contaminated systems, roughly 350 of them supplied water to day cares and elementary schools and at least 180 of them did not notify the consumers of the lead levels, as instructed to by the federal government.”

In Pennsylvania, one preschool registered with lead levels that were 14 times higher than the recommended  limit set by the EPA. According to, another day care in Maine registered with lead levels that were 42 times higher than the federally regulated standard.

It appears that lead poisoning is a national crisis that has been overlooked for a long time. If trends continue, it’s likely that our nation will continue to suffer.

“You would hope that the cities and the counties and the state and the federal government would be holding people’s feet to the fire when it comes to providing quality water to the consumer if there is an issue,” said Terry Heckman, a board member at the Arizona Water Quality Association.

According to Heckman, water testing on a state-by-state basis is easy and should be done more often, considering only 50 to 100 taps need to be tested in regional district.

“People are legitimately concerned about what they’re hearing in the wake of Flint,” said Lynn Thorp, of the advocacy group Clean Water Action, who recently served on a federal work-group on lead in drinking water. “As long as we have lead in contact with drinking water, we can have exposure at the tap.”

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