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Well Water

Well owners often feel like they are on their own. Let the experts at Angel Water help you provide the safest, highest quality water for your family.

City Water

City water should meet government standards but it doesn’t always measure up. Often we find pharmaceuticals, fluoride, and too much chlorine.

Water Testing

Testing your family’s water is your first line of defense against toxic chemicals and other contaminants. Get started today!

Suburban Water

Many Suburban water sources are a mixture of well water and municipal water. Find out how to keep your family safe!

Learn About Well Water And City Water

Let Angel Water’s Certified Water Quality Experts help you understand how to choose the right equipment for the water in your home. Whether you have City Water supplied by Lake Michigan or a Municipal Well, your water is as individual as your neighborhood and sometimes even as unique as your own home. We offer customized well water purification systems as well as custom tailored filtration systems for chicagoland homes on municipal water.

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Room by Room – Kitchen

  • Dishes will clean up easier and come out spot free
  • Using soft water requires less dish soap while cleaning which leads to big savings
  • Better tasting beverages with Reverse Osmosis Water
  • Less dishwasher maintenance

Learn More About Reverse Osmosis Filtration


Reverse Osmosis Water Purification is the best way to remove the harmful impurities in city water supplies no matter what the source.

According to reports, the Environmental Working Group has found hexavalent chromium in the water of cities throughout America, including Chicago.
  • The amount found exceeded a recent “public health goal” level
  • Chromium causes cancer (probable carcinogen)
  • Chromium can be removed by Reverse Osmosis

Click here to learn more about Reverse Osmosis Click here to learn more about Chromium-6 findings If you would like to speak to one of Angel Water, Inc’s water specialists, please feel free to call our office at (847) 382-7800 or email info@angelwaterinc.com.


The Truth About Salt-Free Water Softeners. Water Quality Association – Consumer Alert (PDF)

Well Owners Should:

  • Test their well water at least once a year.
  • Be careful using chemicals in your home. What you put down your drain today, may show up in your water supply tomorrow.
  • Conserve Water.
  • Have a certified well contractor inspect the well system.
  • Implement water filters that provide safer water for their family.
  • Have a certified septic system operator inspect the septic system annually.

Safe Drinking Water Act

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