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Overhead view of a body of water near West Palm Beach, FL

Boil Water Notices: What West Palm Beach Residents Need to Know

It’s 2022. Cellphones are miniature computers, voice control is taking over, and self-driving vehicles are becoming a reality. Since we have access to all these high-tech products, one might assume that, finally, everyone has access to clean water. Sadly, that’s not the case. Boil water notices still occur throughout the Florida region to keep residents […]

Person using a magnifying glass to examine a glass of water

PFAS in Chicago Water: How to Avoid Dangerous Forever Chemicals

Imagine human-made chemicals in your drinking water. They resist heat, oil and stains. They can also last for years and years and live in your water, attacking your health. And the worst part is we haven’t studied these chemicals nearly enough. These chemicals are called PFAS. A recent investigation by Michael Hawthorne of the Chicago […]

Reverse osmosis system filter membranes ready for installation

What to Expect with Your Reverse Osmosis System Installation

Reverse osmosis systems produce the healthiest water possible—ROs work by running water through a semi-permeable membrane where excess sediments are caught. Consistent exposure to these sediments/contaminants can lead to serious health problems. ROs get rid of elements other water treatment equipment cannot. So, you should consider putting one in your home. Below is a resourceful […]