Why Does My Water Smell and Taste Metallic?

Water should quench your thirst and be refreshing. If it smells and tastes metallic, contaminants can be the problem.

Glass of water that tastes like metal sitting on a counter

Not all hope is lost! There are water treatments out there that resolve the issue!

So, it’s been a long day, and you need a fresh glass of water to recharge. But when you fill a cup from the tap, it smells and tastes like quarters. Instead of drinking funny-tasting water all the time, why not get to the root of the problem? Discovering what causes a metallic water taste is simple, and the solution isn’t challenging either!


Continue reading to learn:

  • Why the water smells or tastes like metal
  • The potential health risks
  • How to eliminate that awful smell and taste

Why Does My Water Smell and Taste Metallic?

Your water likely smells and tastes metallic because it contains iron, copper, lead, manganese, zinc, or other metallic minerals. Groundwater is more likely to smell or taste metallic than surface water because groundwater moves through rocks and sediments that make their way into the water supply.

You can tell if iron or other minerals are causing your water to taste like metal by inspecting the plumbing. If your water tastes metallic, has a rusty appearance, and leaves a reddish-brown stain on the plumbing, excess minerals are likely the cause.

So, your water could smell metallic because minerals like iron aren’t being flushed out the way they should be.

Here are a few more things to remember if your water tastes like metal.

Homes with Well Water Are Susceptible to Metallic-Tasting Water

Well water is likely to smell or taste metallic because it comes from the earth. It’s not treated with the same processes as city water, so minerals like iron are left behind.

Many cities in Illinois like, Wauconda and Kildeer, get their water from unprotected wells. This indicates that these residents are more likely to consume water that tastes metallic.

City Water Isn’t Entirely Safe Either

You might think that city water that’s been treated wouldn’t taste or smell metallic.

This statement is untrue.

City water is treated with chlorine to remove excess mineralsHowever, chlorination can only remove so many minerals. There’s a chance these minerals can remain in the water supply through natural means or plumbing issues.

Older and Newer Homes Are at Risk

If you’re wondering, “why does my water taste like metal” your home’s age could be the cause.

Older homes with lead or copper pipes are likely to produce metallic-tasting water because those contaminants flow through the pipes. They eventually make their way into the water supply.

Newer homes aren’t necessarily in the clear, either. Newer pipes need time to precipitate, meaning they build up a protective layering against mineral buildup. If the pipes haven’t had enough time to do this, then the water that comes from them will likely taste metallic.

Low pH Could Also Be The Culprit

Another explanation as to why your water tastes like metal is a low pH level. The lower the pH level, the sharper and more metallic it will taste.

The Potential Health Risks of Metallic Tasting Water

Often the metallic taste isn’t harmful to human health. Usually, the taste will fade with time, along with the nuisance particles that cause it.

However, some minerals that cause a metallic taste can be harmful if frequently ingested. For example, drinking water contaminated by lead can cause anemia, hypertension, and convulsions. And ingesting too much copper can lead to diarrhea, liver damage, and kidney disease.

 There are also health risks for drinking too much water with a low pH level, including corrosion of the teeth. Also, the more acidic water is, the more likely it is to contain harmful contaminants.

How to Get Rid of the Metallic Taste and Smell

So, what do you do if your water tastes and smells metallic and it’s not going away? Below are a few solutions you can try to get rid of the funny tasting and smelling water for good!

Step 1: Get Your Water Tested

We recommend getting your water tested if the problem persists for a while. You won’t have a clear idea of what you’re dealing with until you get it tested by a professional.

You should have your water tested by an EPA-certified company to get the best results possible. You can also get your water’s pH level tested to determine if that’s causing the problem. These tests will determine what water treatment equipment you need. Most likely, you’ll need an RO system. However, there might be cases where another type of filter is better.

Step 2: Invest in an NSF/ANSI 58 Certified Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse osmosis systems remove harmful chemicals from water before it gets to your tap so that you can have the healthiest water possible. These systems thoroughly filter water by forcing it through a semi-permeable membrane and remove contaminants that cause a metallic taste and smell.

We recommend getting an NSF/ANSI 58 reverse osmosis system to take care of the problem. These systems have undergone rigorous testing, so you can be sure they’re high-quality. You can rest assured the issue will be taken care of by investing in one of these systems.

Step 3: Have the System Installed and Maintained by a Professional

Your water treatment journey isn’t complete after you purchase the system. You should have a licensed plumber install and maintain it to make things easier for you. Make sure to also have the system serviced as often as the manufacturer recommends.

Need Help with Metallic Tasting and Smelling Water?

You don’t have to suffer drinking metallic-tasting and smelling water all day. There are solutions out there that can help resolve the issue!

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