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Oily Film on Water: What It Is and What You Can Do About It

In this blog, you will learn: An oily film on water can come from natural contamination or human-caused pollution. Sources of natural contamination, like iron bacteria and hydrogen sulfide, pose no significant health risks. Human-caused pollution from petroleum or oil is hazardous to your health. You should test your water to determine what is causing […]

Is Chicago Tap Water Safe to Drink?

The Government Says Chicago Tap Water is Safe. Do You Believe Them? At Angel Water, we sometimes encounter water treatment skeptics. These are people who don’t believe they need to do anything extra to treat Chicago tap water. They assume that if the local government and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approve it, then the […]

Why are Lead and Chromium-6 Still in Chicago Water?

Chicagoland Residents Should Beware of Toxic Elements in Their Water Here on the Angel Water blog, we make it our mission to keep you well informed about the state of your water. An unfortunate result of this goal is we often must give you bad news. And today’s post is no exception. In the past, […]

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