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What are the Health Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water?

In this blog you will learn: The health benefits of drinking water How filtered water offers even more amazing health benefits The simple steps you can take to get those benefits for you and your family Discover the Amazing Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water for Your Health! Everyone wants to be healthier. The sheer amount […]


Water Filtration Creates Healthier Water for Your Home and Family! Angel Water has been around since 1972. We started out as a water softener company dedicated to serving the Chicago region. The company had a simple mission back then, and we loved helping people discover the joys of soft water. But fifteen years ago, we […]

The Problem with Partial Lead Service Line Replacements in Chicago

How Chicago’s Partial Lead Service Line Replacements Worsen the Contamination Problem In case you hadn’t heard, many parts of Chicago have a problem with lead contamination in their water. This issue mainly stems from the fact that the city hasn’t replaced a lot of its old lead service lines. Many of these lines were installed […]

Is Chicago Tap Water Safe to Drink?

The Government Says Chicago Tap Water is Safe. Do You Believe Them? At Angel Water, we sometimes encounter water treatment skeptics. These are people who don’t believe they need to do anything extra to treat Chicago tap water. They assume that if the local government and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approve it, then the […]

The Illinois Coal Ash Crisis: How to Defend Your Water

Learn How to Fight Coal Ash Contamination in Our State! A recent report revealed that coal ash contamination in Illinois is worse than we could have imagined. It claims that the groundwater near 22 of 24 coal ash sites contains pollutants that threaten human health. These include carcinogens, neurotoxins, and poisons. These findings are alarming, […]

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