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Is Bottled Water Safe to Drink? The Answer May Surprise You!

In this blog, you will learn: Bottled water isn’t necessarily of a higher quality than tap water. The FDA does a poor job of regulating bottled water and keeping it safe. The best bottled water brands make their water test results available to the public. Investing in a water filter is a safer, less expensive […]

5 Important Reasons for Drinking Water Testing in Chicagoland

In this article, you will learn: Well water requires regular testing because its contents change frequently. City water needs testing because contamination persists despite the city’s efforts. Drinking water testing can save you money and protect your health. Angel Water takes care of water testing for you and explains the results to you. Why is […]

What is Reverse Osmosis?

By Joe Bongiovanni Reverse Osmosis Water Systems have been becoming more and more commercially viable each year and are used by over 100 countries in the world. These systems vary greatly in their size and purpose. Residential units range from 2x2x1 for personal use under the sink to waterworks systems the size of a football […]

History of Water Supply and Distribution

By Joe Bongiovanni Humans have thrived on this planet partly due to our ability to use tools and shape our environment to meet our needs. The earliest evidence of this is the transition from a hunting and gathering to an agrarian based lifestyle. Agriculture and farming required plenty of water throughout the growing season. Lack […]

California Drought Affects Drinking Water Supply

By Joe Bongiovanni The drought in California shows no signs of letting up after breaking record after record.  The US Drought Monitor lists 22% of California in a state of exceptional drought with another 66% of the state experiencing extreme drought, the second worst category after exceptional.  2014 has already been one of the driest […]

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