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5 Important Reasons for Drinking Water Testing in Chicagoland

In this article, you will learn: Well water requires regular testing because its contents change frequently. City water needs testing because contamination persists despite the city’s efforts. Drinking water testing can save you money and protect your health. Angel Water takes care of water testing for you and explains the results to you. Why is […]

How Is Chloramine Used in Water Treatment Facilities?

Learn About this Disinfectant Your Water Treatment Facility May Be Using Would you drink water with ammonia and chlorine mixed in? It may not sound appetizing, but that may be exactly what your water treatment company is putting in your water. Chloramine, a mix of ammonia and chlorine, is increasingly commonly used as a disinfectant […]

What’s in Chicago Water?

Protect yourself from what’s in city water The Department of Water Management is responsible for delivering nearly 1 billion gallons of fresh water to the residents of Chicago and 125 suburban communities every day. But, with bacteria like E Coli and organisms like coliform floating around, is city water as clean as it claims to […]

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