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Let’s face it. It’s tough living with well water. Water from private wells receives no treatment before it comes into the home. So, it often brings unpleasant contaminants like sulfur and sulfur bacteria with it. These smelly and slimy toxins make sulfur water treatment a must for well water homes.

If you’re concerned about sulfur bacteria in your water or just plain fed up with it, you’ve come to the right place!

In this blog, we’ll show you the best sulfur water treatment solution we’ve found for homes with well water. This device has worked wonders for many of our customers in the Chicago region and Southeast Florida. Keep reading to learn the wonderful things it can do for you.

Or, if you want to skip right to the good part, you can visit this page to view the product.

The Many Problems with Sulfur Bacteria in Water

But hold on. We know what some of you are thinking. You’re wondering if it’s worth it to spend a lot of money just to get sulfur out of your water. After all, drinking sulfur won’t kill you, right?

We understand your concern. So, let’s set the record straight on sulfur and sulfur bacteria in well water and the problems they can cause for your home and health.

Is Sulfur in Water Safe to Drink?

We’ll start with most people’s main concern: Will sulfur water harm my health? You can relax because the most likely answer is no.

Drinking water containing sulfur and sulfur bacteria is unlikely to do you any serious physical harm. It’s only when sulfur concentrations get unusually high that it causes problems like diarrhea, sour stomach and dehydration. However, the health issues rarely get more serious than this.

Nevertheless, sulfur isn’t the only contaminant homes with well water must worry about. Since well water receives no government regulation, many other harmful bacteria, such as E. coli or coliform, could be present in your tap. Fortunately, the filtration device we will discuss below can also remove these other types of bacteria, too!

Can You Shower in Sulfur Water?

Bathing in water containing sulfur or sulfur bacteria is also not life-threatening. However, it’s not the most pleasant experience either because the water smells like rotten eggs. Any guests you have over certainly won’t enjoy it, and you may notice the smell sticking with you for a while after you shower.

The jury is also out on whether bathing in sulfur is good for your skin. While dermatologists sometimes prescribe it for treating skin disorders, it can also cause problems for people with sensitive skin. This is because sulfur can wear away at the skin’s natural barrier and leave it vulnerable to damage. So, if you’ve been experiencing rashes or dry skin lately, sulfur’s harsh effects could be to blame.

Closeup of a showerhead pouring water contaminated by sulfur

Smelly sulfur water makes for a rather unpleasant shower experience.

Will Sulfur Bacteria in Water Damage Your Home?

You may not experience much physical damage from sulfur water, but your home probably won’t be so lucky.

Well water households understand how troublesome it is to endure that pungent odor and sour taste each time they pour a glass. But beyond this, they’ll also notice many other problems around the home, including:

  • Black or gray slime on toilets, sinks, tubs and showers
  • Unsightly stains on dishes and clothing
  • Corrosion or clogs in your plumbing equipment
  • Erosion and blackening of copper pipes

All these symptoms are a dead giveaway that you have sulfur and sulfur bacteria in your well water. Of course, it’s always a good idea to test your water to make sure these contaminants are the culprits.

Once you know for sure you have sulfur in your water and you want it out, it’s time to implement the best sulfur water treatment system. And that system is, drumroll, please…

The PurAClear Chlorine Injection System!

Keep reading to learn what a chlorine injection system is and why the PurAClear is the best option for treating sulfur water.

How a Chlorine Injection System Solves the Problem

What is the best way to get sulfur bacteria out of your well water? At Angel Water, we believe wholeheartedly in the power of the chlorine injection system. What makes us so confident? Experience.

We’ve tried many different methods for removing sulfur and sulfur bacteria from water over the years. But no method we tried could replicate the amazing results chlorine injection produced.

And don’t just take our word for it! Municipal water systems also use chlorine injection to treat sulfur contamination in city water. In fact, a chlorine injection system for well water works similarly to municipal water treatment plants. It’s like having a water tower in your home!

How Does a Chlorine Injection System Work?

Like a water tower, a chlorine injection system takes water and runs it into a holding tank. Then it adds chlorine to disinfect the water. This process neutralizes many harmful pollutants, including sulfur and sulfur bacteria.

The chlorine accomplishes this by disrupting the cell membranes of the contaminants. As a result, the functions of the pollutants that cause problems are rendered inert.

Regular city water treatment would stop at this step. But a chlorine injection system takes the process one step further by then running the water through a carbon filter. This step is essential because it removes the chlorine from the water.

While chlorine is great for cleaning the water, it’s not great to consume in large doses. So, the fact that the chlorine injection system filters the chlorine back out after treatment is huge! A lot of city water still has traces of the harmful chlorine in it. But your water won’t when you use a chlorine injection system!

A water tower that provides sulfur water treatment

A chlorine injection system functions like a miniature water tower for your home.

Why Do I Need a Chlorine Injection System?

A chlorine injection system is essential for homes with sulfur bacteria in well water because it’s not just a one-time fix. Rather, the computerized system will continually treat and protect your well water with little maintenance required.

Your home needs this ongoing protection because contaminants like sulfur bacteria are relentless. If left untreated, sulfur bacteria in water can grow and create deep layers that can be difficult to remove. Chlorine injection systems, however, are extremely effective at eliminating those deep layers and keeping them gone.

A chlorine injection system is a trustworthy long-term solution for well water homes. The automated equipment consistently sends water that is free of sulfur, sulfur bacteria and other toxins to every tap in the home.

All the system requires to run well is annual maintenance and quarterly chlorine refills. At Angel Water, our licensed experts can help you with this maintenance to keep your system running like clockwork.

How Do I Find the Best Chlorine Injection System?

Once you know you want a chlorine injection system, the next step is to find a good one. Many brands sell their own version of the chlorine injection system, and some are better than others. So, we recommend you do your research and compare the different models to find the best one for you.

If you need help doing your research, we recommend checking out the video below from Drew the Water Guru. In it, he compares the three popular systems, including the PurAClear.

Why the PurAClear is the Best Chlorine Injection System for Well Water

As you can see from the video, the PurAClear is the best sulfur water treatment solution for many reasons.

First, its static mixer features patented technology that prevents the system from clogging when chlorinating the water. Lesser systems often need extra maintenance because they encounter this problem.

The static mixer also eliminates the need for the massive chlorination tanks you’ll see on some chlorine injection systems. Rather, the PurAClear effectively treats sulfur, sulfur bacteria and other contaminants in a much smaller tank. So, it’ll save you space in your basement.

The carbon filter on the PurAClear is also much more advanced than the filters you’ll find on other systems. The computerized filter is programmed to provide the exact amount of filtration necessary for removing all the chlorine from the water. Its enhanced filter material also helps improve the taste and smell of the water. So, you won’t have to worry about that rotten egg odor rearing its ugly head again.

Overall, the PurAClear is the best because it has more advanced technology than any other system on the market. This technology ensures the system will precisely chlorinate and filter the water for the purest possible results every time.

Best of all: the PurAClear only needs maintenance once a year to keep working properly! In contrast, other systems might require two or more service calls each year. So, you’ll save money on maintenance costs as well.

It’s Time to Kiss All That Sulfur and Sulfur Bacteria Goodbye!

We hope this post has given you hope for a brighter future with cleaner water. Your well water may have smelly sulfur and slimy sulfur bacteria in it right now, but you have the power to change that. It starts with picking the right chlorine injection system for your home (we recommend the PurAClear) and ends with having a licensed professional install and maintain it for you.

The team at Angel Water would be happy to help you with all of this. Please give us a call at (847) 382-7800 to schedule a free in-home consultation or visit the link below to learn more about the PurAClear Chlorine Injection System.

Editor’s Note: This blog was originally published in August 2020 and updated in December 2022.

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