Why Costco is the Best Place to Buy a Reverse Osmosis System in Chicagoland

This blog features the following key insights:
• Costco is the best place to buy a reverse osmosis system.
• The team at Costco offers guidance you can’t find in big-box stores.
• Costco sells EcoWater products and other trusted brands at reasonable prices.

Reverse osmosis systems are an excellent choice for filtering out contaminants. ROs produce the healthiest water possible. So, where can you get a system from?

Look no further than Costco. That’s right; the superstore offers more than just free samples! Costco also has a variety of water treatment equipment available, including reverse osmosis systems. Big-box stores like Home Depot won’t give you the guidance you need while shopping. On the other hand, the team at Costco will do everything they can to help you make the right choice. Below we’ll discuss more reasons why buying an RO system from Costco is so advantageous.

Get Helpful Guidance

Costco offers one-of-a-kind guidance you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. The team at Costco is there to answer your questions and knows more about the products than employees at big-boxed stores would. The staff knows about the testing the filters have undergone and will never try to sell you something that hasn’t met the most rigorous standards.

The Costco team can also help you make sense of what’s in your water. Sometimes, reverse osmosis systems are unnecessary. In this case, the staff will tell you what other treatment equipment you need.

Shop EcoWater Reverse Osmosis Systems

EcoWater is one of the most popular water treatment suppliers out there. For this reason, Costco sells EcoWater reverse osmosis systems at their storefronts. Other reasons they sell EcoWater filters include:

  • It provides customized products that fit your lifestyle.
  • Its systems are environmentally friendly. They reduce the amount of energy, salt, and water consumed.
  • The company’s products reduce the need for plastic bottles, which is beneficial to the environment.
  • It uses cutting-edge technologies not available elsewhere.

One example of that trailblazing technology is the HERO-385PLUS WIFI Reverse Osmosis System. The system has enabled technology that remotely displays alerts, water usage, filter life information, and product performance. The HERO-385PLUS WIFI also has enclosed filters, making it easy to clean and replace when needed. Users can choose to add features down the line if they wish, and the system is available in multiple finishes.

The ERO 385 Reverse Osmosis System also deserves some praise. It removes a total of 92 contaminants and 99.1% of lead. The product is NSF/ANSI 58 certified, meaning it underwent rigorous testing to ensure it can withstand the harshest conditions. Additionally, users don’t have to turn off the water to change the filters—they can simply do a ¼ turn of the filter to make things more manageable.

The HERO-375PLUS Reverse Osmosis System is another EcoWater Reverse Osmosis System.  The device can produce 50 gallons a day, depending on water usage. People can upgrade the system to produce 75 gallons a day if they want.

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Find a Variety of Options

Of course, Costco sells other reverse osmosis systems if EcoWater isn’t your thing. The wholesale store also sells Brondell products. Bondell sells environmentally friendly reverse osmosis systems that conserve water with Smart Technology. The Brondell Circle Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System has an automatic filter flush that extends the life of the membrane. Its under-the-sink design has a 6L tank that refills every hour.

The Pure Blue 1:1 Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System is also available at Costco. The system has a high-performance 80gpd membrane and a 3-gallon storage tank. It comes with Advanced Blocked Carbon technology and a designer electric monitor faucet. Pure Blue is a trusted manufacturer in the water treatment field.

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The Aquverse 5-Stage Complete System can also be found at Costco. A full install kit is included as well as four changeable filters.

As you can see, Costco has plenty of reverse osmosis systems available. EcoWater reverse osmosis systems are the best of the best, but there’s a variety available if you decide to go in a different direction. Be sure to check out all the reverse osmosis systems at Costco to ensure you make the right choice.

RO system kiosk at a Costco location in the Chicago region

Pay Reasonable Prices

Purchasing a reverse osmosis system from Costco is cost-effective. You’ll save money by not purchasing plastic water bottles anymore. Limiting your reliance on plastic water bottles is also good for the environment. You’ll also cut costs because of the way Costco works.

Costco creates partnerships with companies to offer their members wholesale prices. So, you’ll find cheaper reverse osmosis systems on Costco shelves than anywhere else. Costco members can save an additional 10% by using their Costco cards. Talk about a win/win situation!

You Can Trust a Costco Reverse Osmosis System

The number one reason to shop at Costco for a reverse osmosis system is the thorough research the company does when vetting its products. Costco has Ivy League buyers that do thorough research on each product the company sells to ensure it’s the best of the best. So, you’ll never have buyer’s remorse because the quality RO system you thought you were getting was subpar.

Instead, you’ll enjoy a robust system from a trustworthy manufacturer like EcoWater, installed by a licensed plumbing company like Angel Water. The filter will also be NSF/ANSI-58 certified, meaning it’s undergone testing to ensure it’s high-quality. So, by shopping with Costco, you can rest assured that everything will be up to an excellent standard.

There are many benefits of purchasing reverse osmosis water at Costco. The wholesale store does a lot of behind-the-scenes work to ensure you’re getting the best system around. They also sell these products at competitive prices to ensure you don’t break the bank to keep your water clean. Hopefully, you’re confident that Costco is the place to shop for reverse osmosis systems.

Costco & Angel Water: The Perfect Partnership

By now, you should know where to buy a reverse osmosis water filter. Perhaps the most substantial benefit of working with Costco is their trusted partnerships. Angel Water is proud to be one of its allies. We’ll work with Costco customers in the Chicagoland area to install and maintain RO systems. Give us a call at 847-382-7800 if you need assistance!

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