Why Annual Service Visits Costs Less Than Bottled Water Delivery

If you buy bottled water, then you’re paying too much for your drinking water. The average American family spends $615 per year on bottled water at the store, and getting bottled water delivered only reduces this to about $250 per year. Water delivery for a workplace can be more than twice that amount. In contrast, when you have a certified drinking water system from Angel Water, an annual service visit for routine maintenance only costs $139. That’s hundreds of dollars saved over the years—so not only will your water be cleaner, but Angel Water will save you money in the long run, too.

Nobody likes paying money when they don’t think they have to—you worked hard for it, and if you’re going to spend it you want to see the value you’re getting in return. Unfortunately, sometimes the value you’re getting isn’t totally apparent or tangible, and it can be tempting to believe you’d be better off holding onto that cash.

Such is the case with getting annual service visits for your drinking water systems. But though you may not feel like you’re getting much real bang for your buck, it’s definitely not something you should pass up.

Not only is it an important service that protects your health and even your life, but it also actually saves you money over bottled water delivery.

What You Get for Your Money

Our annual service visit costs $169. So, what’s the bang you get for your buck?

When we come over for your annual service visit, we perform an extensive 28-point check which tests every piece of equipment that makes up your drinking water system. This verifies that your water system is still operating properly and still giving you clean, safe water.

This is important even if you haven’t noticed a change in how your water looks, tastes, or smells. Many of the contaminants that can be found in water supplies, such as lead, mercury, chromium, nitrites and nitrates, and many microorganisms are all odorless, tasteless, and colorless (at least in the concentrations at which they’re usually found).

That means that your drinking water system may have failed and started letting these substances through without you even being aware.

For that same reason, we also conduct water testing during our annual visit. This will show us not only whether your system still works properly, but also whether there has been any change in your water supply.

Water comes from nature, and nature is always changing. Your water sources could get contaminated with agricultural and industrial runoff containing volatile organic compounds, mercury, and more, at any time. And, again, many of these have no taste or odor.

We’ll also install new filter media if yours needs replacing, as well as a reverse osmosis membrane or any other part that needs to be replaced. How much this costs depends on your system and the type of filter media it uses: a replacement filter cartridge can typically cost anywhere from $15 to $70.

And the whole time we’re there, performing diagnostics and maintenance, we’ll also be helping educate you about your water supply, your drinking water system, and water quality issues you may face in general. The more you know about your water and how to maintain your system, the less you’ll need from us during our future visits and better you’ll be able to keep your water clean the rest of the year.

Cheaper Than Bottled Water Delivery

But how does that stack up against the alternative? If you let your drinking water system be and started getting bottled water delivery instead, would that be cheaper and easier?

As it turns out, not at all.

Estimates say that the average American family spends about $615 per year on bottled water at the grocery store. So even if you use the more expensive $70 filter cartridges, the annual cost of maintaining a drinking water system will be far lower than that of stocking bottled water.

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Bottled water delivery may have different costs though—they deliver it in bulk, so surely it’ll be cheaper, right?

Well, a 5-gallon bottle of water costs around $7 through a bottled water delivery company, Bottled Water Deliveryand a family of four will typically go through around three of those per month. That adds up to $21 per month and around $250 per year.

Bottled water delivery for the office is even more expensive than bottled water delivery for a home. An office of eight to ten people will need to spend about $45 per month and an office of 21 to 25 people will cost about $100 per month, adding up to $540 and $1200 per year respectively spent on bottled water delivery.

That’s still several times more than what would be spent on routine maintenance of a complete drinking water system.

And it should be noted that not only would you be paying more, but you’d be getting less water, and it’d be of lower quality.

The pricing laid out above is for bottled watery delivery of brands like Ice Mountain, Hinckley Springs, and Nestle. While these companies spend lots of money on ad campaigns that aim to convince you that their water is fresher, crisper, and cleaner than your suspicious tap water, bottled water isn’t actually good for you. In fact, the National Resources Defense Council conducted a four-year review and found that bottled water tests positive for pathogens at the same rates as tap water and is no safer.

Not only that, but you’re also harming the environment by switching to bottled water delivery. Every liter of bottled water is estimated to waste two liters of water in the production process. From there, transporting the water to store shelves and bottled water delivery companies uses about 32 to 54 million barrels of oil, enough to power 1.5 million cars for a year. Finally, after you’re done with it, only a fifth of the bottles get recycled, resulting in 2 million tons of waste to date.

So if you’re trying to be green and stay conscious of your environmental footprint, bottled water delivery isn’t a better choice by any means.

And, of course, bottled water delivery means that you only have that amount of water. Once you run out, you’re out. If you increase how much you get every month, your costs go up significantly. By contrast, ensuring that your tap water is clean though ensures that you have a limitless supply of however much water you need, at very little cost.

So on the one hand, if you switch to bottled water delivery, you’ll be paying significantly more and getting less in return.

On the other hand, if you just skimp out on the maintenance of your system, it may no longer be filtering your water of dangerous contaminants like lead, arsenic, or chromium, and who knows how much the healthcare costs might be if you drink those over the long term—though at that point, the costs would likely be the least of your concerns.

So, while we do offer purified bottled water delivery services for those who truly need it and have no other feasible way to get their drinking water, we recommend you keep up with the regular maintenance which your drinking water system requires.

Angel Water Inc. has been performing annual service visits and bottled water delivery in Barrington, IL and the Chicago region for years, so give us a call today at (847) 382-7800 to schedule annual service. Because those one or two hundred dollars may feel nice in your wallet, but you can’t drink them.

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