Why Costco Offers the Best Water Systems in West Palm Beach

In this blog, you’ll learn:
• Most West Palm Beach residents needs NSF 58-certified reverse osmosis systems and NSF 44-certified water softeners to enjoy the clean water they deserve.
• Costco has negotiated the best pricing for the best water equipment on the market so you don’t have to do the research.
• Costco places some of the best warranties in the country on water purification equipment.
• Angel Water teams up with Costco to combine expert service with great products.

You live in West Palm Beach, and something is in your water. You can taste it, and sometimes you smell it or even see it. Maybe you buy bottled water for your household so that nobody has to drink from the tap.  When you do drink from the tap, you try to ignore the nauseating taste of chlorine because “tap water isn’t supposed to taste good.”

The best way to fix this problem is to install water treatment equipment in your home. Costco offers effective, affordable devices so that you don’t have to do your own research, and Angel Water can perform professional installation as well as ongoing maintenance.

Whether your tap water reeks of chlorine or sulfur, we can work toward an effective solution that’ll keep your family away from carcinogenic material.

Why You Need Water Treatment Equipment in West Palm Beach

According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) data from January through March in 2021, four major carcinogens were present in Palm Beach County’s drinking water at legal levels: total trihalomethanes (TTHMs), haloacetic acids (HAA5s), chlorate and hexavalent chromium.

However, one watchdog group asserts that legal isn’t good enough. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) presents its own set of standards that are more stringent than the EPA’s in the interest of human health, and it doesn’t think you should be drinking that water.

Whereas the EPA places no limits on chlorate and hexavalent chromium, the EWG says some of these contaminants are present in hundreds of times the amounts necessary to adversely affect the body. If you live in West Palm Beach, you might be overdue for effective water treatment equipment from Costco.

Tourists come from all over the country to enjoy Florida’s warm water. Unfortunately, algae and bacteria love it, too. The out-of-control growth of microorganisms brings about that signature sulfuric taste we’ve all come to resent.

Because the water has so many of these microorganisms stinking it up, excess chlorine is necessary for treatment. In some Florida homes, there’s more chlorine coming from the faucet than there is in the pool. If you live in such a home, and you feel nauseous every time you have a glass of water, effective and affordable water treatment equipment can help.

A thick layer of algae covers a pond
With enough heat and fertilizer, algae and bacteria can stink up any swamp.

Water Filters for Excess Chlorine

No matter what state you’re in, every municipal and personal pool needs chlorine, but those of us who live in states with stinky water should never have to settle for chlorine coming from our faucets.

Chlorine treatment is a necessary step in purifying Florida’s water, but filtration is the next step. Microorganisms can cause nausea and sudden disease, but the haloacetic acids present in sterilizing chemicals can be carcinogenic. Neither contaminant must be in your water for it to be safe to drink. Chemicals might be present in legal amounts, but they’re not safe.

A great way to keep chlorine out of your home is to install a reverse osmosis (RO) system. Whereas other water purification equipment might focus on further treatment or water hardness, RO systems remove all chemicals from water, including chemicals the local government must use for water treatment.

RO systems force water through a membrane that’s so fine as to keep everything except water and healthy minerals from coming out of every faucet and nozzle in your home. Whether your well water is developing a new taste or you receive your water from a chlorine-happy municipal plant, installing an RO system can help you stay cancer-free later in life.

Water Softeners for Hard Water

In many states, homeowners receive their water from underground, either through private wells or massive public aquifers. If you’re in Southern Florida, and your water isn’t coming from Lake Okeechobee, chances are that you receive your water from an aquifer.

Sediment can leach from the walls of aquifers into water to create “hard water,” or water with a lot of sediment dissolved in it, but what’s the problem with hard water? Don’t we drink mineral water all the time?

While magnesium and calcium might be good for you, not all rocks are created equal, and some sediment may include Radium-226 or -228, which are harmful radioactive isotopes that can cause cancer after long-term exposure.

Common, more immediate problems homeowners might have with hard water are dry skin, brittle hair, stubborn white stains on dishes or clothing, and broken dishwashers. Enough sediment may stick to the inside of your pipes to clog them. The higher the concentration of sediment in your water, the more likely these symptoms are to worsen.

What better way to reduce water hardness than to install an aptly named water softener? Water softeners take advantage of ion exchange, a chemical reaction with which to extract sediment from water on a molecular level. To install a water softener in your home is not only to make your water more pleasant, but also to make your water safe to drink.

As for who sells water softeners and where to buy a water softener, please read on.

How Costco Provides the Best Water Treatment Services in West Palm Beach

Costco’s selection of great products stems from the company’s commitment to members. Understanding that it needs its members to survive, Costco does its best to pave the easiest route for them to reach the right solutions. It only sells equipment that’s already demonstrated effectiveness, and it goes an extra mile to provide this equipment at as affordable a price as possible.

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As a nationwide vendor of many products, Costco recognizes how much of a handful Florida’s water can be. More bacteria mean more contaminants, and more contaminants mean more variables. This water treatment equipment is especially helpful in West Palm Beach among other places in Florida whose water reeks of chlorine if not sulfur.

Research on Best Products and Manufacturers

Unlike other major stores looking for profit at customers’ expense, Costco prioritizes quality with uncanny scrutiny. On what does Costco do research? Not only does it focus on the products, but it also researches the manufacturers of those products. This makes sure that members receive the quality for which they pay.

Costco’s “Ivy League” buyers work hard to discern the water treatment equipment worth purchasing in the first place. They find the best products, but they also go out of their way to find the best products at the lowest prices. By taking the time to do this research, Costco saves members the incredible work that goes into navigating among potential scammers to find effective water treatment equipment. The only question members need to answer is, “Do I want one of these things or not?”

As a further precaution, Costco vets all manufacturers to make sure they’re insured, bonded and adherent to health guidelines. Many vendors outsource their manufacturing overseas to companies that can get away with shoddy parts. Other vendors inflate prices to make products seem more effective. All the dishonesty in the industry requires Costco to be this vigilant.

NSF 44 and 58 Certification

If you find yourself asking, “Where can I find a water softener near me?” Costco makes sure all of its reverse osmosis (RO) systems have NSF 58 certification and all of its water softeners have NSF 44 certification. If these devices have earned their respective certifications, the internationally respected National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) has put them through rigorously comprehensive tests to verify their effectiveness and durability.

Many devices enjoy general NSF certification, but far fewer maintain NSF 44 or 58 certification, and Costco notes this important distinction. As far as water treatment goes, all Costco locations, including the one in West Palm Beach, make sure every single device in-stock has achieved either certification.

Trustworthy Warranties

Even if Costco couldn’t get its hands on amazing products for its members, it’s a dependable company besides. Not only does Costco do requisite homework on whatever it sells at competitive prices, but it backs products with some of the best warranties in the country.

Other retailers offer 5 years of warranty or fewer. In fact, the least effective “Big Box” water softeners at Home Depot or Lowe’s don’t usually earn more than one year of warranty, but by itself, Costco can offer up to 10 years of warranty for water treatment equipment.

How Angel Water Works with Costco to Serve West Palm Beach

What certainly binds us together is our passion for bringing healthier water to your home and family. At the store in West Palm Beach, shoppers can receive expert guidance directly from Angel Water representatives about drinking cleaner water. From there, we can work together to find a solution.

Professional Water Testing

After you schedule an appointment with an Angel Water representative at Costco, Angel Water can visit your home to perform a full analysis of your water. We hold our EPA-certified test to the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) standards while all family members are present in order to address all pressing concerns. We’re grateful for all the customers we’re able to help, but our main objective is for them to feel like they’re making the right decision.

Protection for Your Health and Your Wallet

The two most common desires among Costco’s older members are drinking healthier water and saving money. Water treatment addresses both concerns. Not only does it make sure that your water contains nothing more dangerous than water, but it protects your investment in your home, limits the need for cleaning supplies and renders bottled water obsolete. Families can spend up to $100 on bottled water each month, but having more drinkable tap water can lower this amount drastically. They also don’t spend as much on detergent.

Besides, avoiding plastic containers of water and cleaning solution is good for the environment. Stop buying plastic bottles made from oil! They waste valuable resources and take centuries to break down.

The way we see it, Costco’s Angel Water representatives can help you buy great products upfront, or you can pay much more dearly for problems later.

Several plastic bottles on a bench
Plastic bottles are too wasteful to keep using.

Convenient Installation

Much of water treatment equipment’s effectiveness depends on how well someone installs it. After you schedule an installation with an Angel Water representative, our licensed professionals can make sure your equipment endures for years to come. We also perform occasional maintenance to combat normal wear and tear.

If you’re ready to bring your water treatment equipment home from Costco in West Palm Beach, please contact us for installation. We know we can do a good job, and we don’t want someone else to rip you off.

Shop Water Treatment Equipment at Costco in West Palm Beach

Whether your home’s water is hard or heavy with chlorine, water problems can pack a punch. All too often, contaminants are present at legal levels, so the government deems them safe. Meanwhile, well water is not monitored at all.

From the constant nuisance of stained dishes and clothing to the more sinister progression of mutation in the human body, there are plenty of reasons to install water treatment equipment in your home. It’s practically a medical device!

To protect your family from the potent effects of contaminants in public water, Angel Water can help you install fantastic, durable and affordable water treatment equipment from Costco in West Palm Beach. To get started, please call us at 561-899-6585 or fill out our online form for a water test.

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