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It is important for us to stress that this tool is not a substitute for an actual water analysis, performed by a professional. Your water symptoms may be typical of common problems, but there are always outliers that may go unnoticed without a genuine chemical analysis.

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With your answers, our system guesses at the types of underlying water problems you might have. Our system uses the kind of common, rule-of-thumb analysis techniques that a professional plumber might use if they didn’t have access to any water testing equipment. This should not be considered professional advice. Please check your email for your recommendation

What has been found in YOUR local water?

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  • Find out if your local water system is providing water that violated EPA standards.
  • Learn about contaminants in your local water utility that tested above health guidelines.
  • See other contaminants that your local water utility has tested positive for, even if they didn’t violate federal standards or health guidelines!

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