The Best Countertop RO System for Offices

Healthier and Better Tasting Water for Your Workplace

Introducing the next-generation water dispenser for your business. The Countertop RO System for offices removes up to 99% of contaminants from water for the best possible refreshment at work. The compact system is the size of a Keurig coffee maker and is just as easy to use. Simply plug it in on your breakroom counter and enjoy the freshness!

$399 – Free Shipping!

Why Get the Countertop RO for Offices?

Hassle-Free Setup

Unbox it, plug it in and get clean water in minutes—no need for complex plumbing or drilling!

Next-Level Filtration

The Countertop RO produces the purest possible water with sediment, carbon, RO and VOC filters.

Space-Saving Design

The system’s small footprint won’t take up much counter space in your kitchen or breakroom.

Proven Performance

The system possesses NSF 58 certification for the most effective reverse osmosis filtration.

Eliminate Plastic Bottles

Reduce plastic use in your office with healthier-than-bottled water from a BPA-free system.

Easy Filter Replacement

You’ll receive system alerts when filters need changing. Simply swap them out in seconds!

Ready to Enhance Your Office’s Drinking Water?

The Countertop RO System for offices is an effective and convenient way to take your company’s drinking water to the next level. Order today to get cleaner and tastier water in a remarkably compact package!

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