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Here’s What You Need to Know About Drinking Water in kildeer, IL

Known contaminants:

  • Sulfur Bacteria
  • Iron Bacteria
  • Silica
  • Calcium

At Angel Water, we want to give you the most information possible about what’s in your drinking water. We do this so you can make an informed decision about protecting your health!

Residents in the Village of Kildeer, IL, get their drinking water from a private well system. The EPA cannot regulate or test the water from private wells. They can only test on public water systems.

Therefore, there is no set data available for Kildeer, IL, from the EPA. However, just because there isn’t any data, doesn’t mean there aren’t any contaminants.

Contaminants like sulfur bacteria, iron bacteria, silica, and calcium are all commonly found in well water.

These contaminants have been found to cause significant health risks and damage to plumbing. They can also make your water smell like rotten eggs.

Keep reading to see what common contaminants may be in the drinking water in Kildeer, IL. And then see how Angel Water can help make your water healthier!

Sulfur Bacteria

Sulfur bacteria is a naturally occurring toxin that forms from hydrogen sulfide gas. The bacteria results from decay as well as chemical reactions in soil and rocks.

Sulfur bacteria create a slime in your water that can produce other contaminants, such as iron bacteria. The slime comes in a variety of different colors. If it contains iron bacteria, the slime will be reddish-brown. Otherwise, it can be white, grey, or black.

And while sulfur bacteria itself can be harmless, it does produce harmful toxins. High doses of hydrogen sulfide gas in the atmosphere can lead to nausea, headaches, tremors, and more.

The corrosive nature of sulfur bacteria can also clog and weaken your plumbing while leaving black stains.

Iron Bacteria

Iron bacteria are naturally occurring, small living organisms that grow in soil, shallow groundwater, and surface waters.

Oxygen and iron combine to form rust deposits and cells of bacteria. Like sulfur bacteria, iron bacteria create a slimy substance that clogs pipes and plumbing. This slime can be yellow, brown, or grey.

These bacteria will also produce a thin, threadlike filament in standing water. And iron bacteria will leave yellow, orange, red, or brown stains in your toilet, sink, and bathtub.

Pipe clogging and plumbing issues can also result from iron bacteria. Like sulfur bacteria, it will corrode and weaken your pipes. It also restricts water flow through the well.


Silica is a compound formed from silicon and oxygen. Silicon is the second most abundant element found on Earth, and oxygen is the first. You can find silicon in sand, glass, animal skeletons, and many other things.

Because of its abundance, every natural water supply has some sort of dissolved silica contained in it. If there is a high enough concentration of silica in your water, you can start to see scale build up on various surfaces. Scale buildup results from mineral deposits hardening to surfaces such as faucets, sinks, and drains.

You can also tell if you have silica in your water because it leaves a thin layer of white filament on appliances that use water. That can be your dishwasher, your toilet, your sink, and your faucets.

We often associate this white film with hard water symptoms. However, if the problem persists, it is most likely silica.


Calcium is a mineral commonly found in drinking water from wells. When this mineral dissolves to high enough concentrations, it creates hard water.

Calcium, along with other minerals, can cause issues with your drinking water. Have you washed your hands with soap and felt a slimy feeling on them? That might mean you have hard water.

As calcium builds up in your water, it can lead to pipes clogging and scale build-up. These problems result in weaker pipes, which can crack and leak.

Hard water also causes problems because it leaves behind stains in your sink and bathtubs. It will also dry out your skin and hair.

How to Avoid Contaminants in Your Drinking Water

You should have your water tested annually to see what toxins may be in there.

But once you know what is in your water, how do you make it cleaner?

Angel Water wants to help you get healthier and cleaner water for you and your family!

You can stop toxins and contaminants from getting into your water by using one of our NSF certified water filters. The filters collect contaminants before you drink, making it safer for you and your family!

Do You Want Healthier Drinking Water in Kildeer, IL?

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