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Fox River Grove, IL

Image of a man pouring tap water into a glass.

Water in Fox River Grove, Illinois

Fox River Grove, IL gets its water from the ground. Ground water is provided by four shallow wells constructed in an aquifer at depths from 120 ft. to 140 ft. Aquifers are geological formations that contain water. Each well can produce 400 to 500 gallons per minute. Ground water includes lakes, rivers, ponds, reservoirs, springs, underground aquifers and wells. Fox River Grove’s source water comes from the Fox River and is distributed throughout five wells.



The ground water is pumped from these wells and sent to treatment facilities. These facilities are to dissolve iron and manganese through several filters. Several chemicals, such as fluoride and chlorine are added for disinfection and preventative care. The treated water is then pumped to a distribution system where it is then stored in an elevated tank off Algonquin Road.

Treated drinking water and bottled water can still contain different amounts of contaminants through these processes. Some people maybe still be vulnerable with these contaminants in the drinking water than the general population.

The USEPA prescribes regulations that limit the amount of certain contaminants in water provided by public water. Though the regulations are implemented the contaminants can still exist in current drinking water.

Chlorine for example is added during the treatment process to disinfected. The water ingested can taste or smell like chlorine. By getting a filtration system or softener can reduce that smell and taste and other harmful contaminants.

Land use is often managed to protect source water and the potential impacts from point and non-point sources of groundwater contamination. Fox River Grove’s water supply staff is encouraged to review cross connection to ensure the water remains current and viable. Cross connections are between the water treatment plant or in the distribution systems that may negate all source water protection initiative provided by the village.

3 Contaminants below legal limits, but above health guidelines.

Radium-226 and -288
Average Result
1.10 PCI/L
3.61 PPB
0.30 PCI/L
1.80 PCI/L
Health Limit
0.20 PPB
0.05 PCI/L
0.02 PCI/L

17 Contaminants found within health guidelines and legal legal limits, but above health guidelines.

Barium (total)
Chromium (total)
Dibromoacetic Acid
Dichloroacetic acid
Total Haloacetic Acids
Total Trihalomethanes
Xylenes (total)
Average Result
46.75 PPB
7.77 PPB
2.61 PPB
5.30 PPB
17.88 PPB
2.69 PPB
832.03 PPB
1.20 PPB
8.38 PPM
1.20 PPB
0.39 PPB
14.48 PPB
0.06 PPB
2.40 PPB
24.05 PPB
1.19 PPB
0.07 PPB
Health Limit

*As reported by the NY Times Toxic Water Report.

About Fox River Grove

Fox River Grove is located primarily in McHenry County and partially in Lake County, Illinois, about 42 miles northwest of Chicago. On the south bank of the Fox River, Fox River Grove totals 1.78 sq. miles of land, with a population of 4,704 people as of 2014.

Between 1830 and 1860, pioneers built homesteads in the Fox River Valley, who were originally attracted to the area because of its beautiful scenery, abundance of clear water, and the opportunity for hydroelectric power. Fox river was also the principle travel route for Native Americans and early settlers, such as the Opatrny, Dvorak, Welisek, and Welleck families. The Ojibwe people also wintered the area in the 1860s.

Following 1850, Frank Opatrny bought 80 acres along the river, and the area soon gained a reputation as a vacation spot for city dwellers, with Chicagoans taking buses from the Illinois & Wisconsin Railroad station. The area grew in popularity so much that, in 1899, the land was converted into a tourist destination–the Fox River Picnic Grove–which featured several cottages and a restaurant along a stretch of Fox River beach.

Fox River Grove incorporated the Village in 1919–the ninth Village in McHenry County. Today, the Village offers an array of single and multi-family housing, and has a variety of specialty shops, restaurants, and professional services. There are a wide variety of recreational choices along the idyllic namesake river, including fishing, boating, swimming, picnicking, and a variety of sports activities. Fox River Grove also has over 100 acres of public parks and open spaces, offering picnic areas, playgrounds, sporting fields, walking trails, and many other natural settings.

Fox River Grove’s peaceful, small town feel is incredibly prevalent, with volunteers running the Recreation Council sports programs and many civic groups organizing charitable and community events. Ultimately, Fox River Grove has grown into a balanced, engaged community that offers the ideal blend of hometown flavor and business opportunity, offering a great pride and strong attachment to its many local institutions, business, activities, and historical landmarks.

Image of a man pouring tap water into a glass.

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