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Carpentersville, IL

Image of a man pouring tap water into a glass.

Water in Carpentersville, Illinois

Carpentersville currently pumps approximately one billion gallons of water annually through four shallow wells with three of the wells pumping through a force draft. The water treatment system consists of aerating, filtration, ion exchange softening, chlorination and fluoridation.

The source of the water supply is susceptible to contamination. There are delineating 5-year recharge areas reserved to supply water to their wells. The areas around the wells including open space, residential and commercial properties were analyzed to determine if they were susceptible to contamination. There are three potential sources that pose a hazard to the water supply. Auto repair shops, retail stores and below ground fuel storage tanks are all a source of concern.


Some people may be more vulnerable to contamination than others. People with immune-disorders, elderly and infants may be more at risk due to bacteria in drinking water. Those who feel concern for their water supply should seek advice from their health care providers. Even though the water quality is regularly scheduled for assessment, prevention from contaminants should be considered.

Water contaminants may come from more than one source.

2 contaminants above legal limits.

Lead (total)
Maximum Result
2420 PPB
150 PPB
Legal Limit

4 contaminants below legal limits, but above health guidelines

Arsenic (total)
Radium -226 and -228
Radium -226
Radium - 288
Maximum Result
2.61 PPB
1.30 PPB
0.40 PCI/L
0.90 PCI/L
Health Limit

19 contaminants found within health guidelines and legal limits

Barium (total)
Chromium (total)
Dibromoacetic Acid
Dichloroacetic Acid
Nitrate & Nitrite
Selenium (total)
Total Haloacetic Acids
Total Trihalomethanes
Average Result
3.40 PPB
99.50 PPB
7.33 PPB
2.29 PPB
5.76 PPB
1.55 PPB
2.01 PPB
7.79 PPB
0.97 PPM
26.23 PPB
0.72 PPB
0.60 PPB
0.06 PPM
0.10 PPM
13.50 PPB
0.43 PPB
185 PPB
2.99 PPB
23.30 PPB
Health Limit

Local Water Polluters near Carpentersville, IL

Village of Algonquin STP (125 Wilbrant Drive, Algonquin, Illinois 60102) – 73 Violations

  • 2004 – 18 effluent violations – 12 permit violations – 2 other violations
  • 2005 – 15 effluent violations – 1 compliance schedule violation
  • 2006 – 15 effluent violations
  • 2007 – 3 effluent violations
  • 2008 – 4 effluent violations – 3 other violations

About Carpentersville

Located in Kane County about 40 miles Northwest of the Chicago Loop, Carpentersville, IL was first settled when the Fox River stopped brothers Daniel and Charles Carpenter from continuing their travel westward in 1837. They began a settlement (named Carpenter’s Grove) and approximately 15 years later, Charles’ son Angelo platted the area and renamed it Carpentersville, incorporated in 1887.

By the early 1860s, Carpenter established a blacksmith shop and iron foundry named the Illinois Iron and Bolt Company. The company was later purchased by Star Manufacturing Company, which was a major producer of agricultural machinery. During the 1870s and 1880s, many German, Polish, and Swedish settlers came to work in the area’s factories and Carpenter housed them and erected a church.

The town remained much the same size until the mid-1950s when another community north of Carpentersville was established called Meadowdale. Many failed attempts by Meadowdale’s founder to have the town incorporated lead to Carpentersville annexing the area in 1956. During the town’s first two years, over 700 homes were sold and the Meadowdale Shopping Center was erected in 1957.

In 1958, the Northwest Tollway opened and allowed commuters better access to Carpentersville and the surrounding areas. That same year, the founder of Meadowdale built the Meadowdale Raceway, which attracted as many as 200,000 race goers at a time. Even with the large number of spectators coming to the area, the racetrack had a multitude of problems and was forced to close in 1970.

Currently, Carpentersville, IL boasts a population of over 37,000 residents. The area of the town that once housed the Meadowdale Speedway is now the home of the County Forest Reserve and Township Park. Currently, the top industries for the city include Temporary Help Services – 6 percent of all workers are employed in this industry – as well as Commercial Banking, Physicians, and Supermarkets.

Image of a man pouring tap water into a glass.

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