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Amber Soft Is Now Part of the Angel Water Family!

Are you an Amber Soft customer wondering what happened to them and whether you can still get your water softening equipment serviced? You’re in luck—Angel Water is Amber Soft’s new home, and we’re picking up right where they left off.

Read on to learn more about Amber Soft, what happened, and how you can still get your water treatment products serviced.

What Was Amber Soft?

Graphic of Amber Soft of St. CharlesAmber Soft Inc. was a St. Charles-based water treatment company, founded in 1968 by Wayne and Doris Roby, that supplied residents of the Fox Valley area with professional water softening and filtration equipment, service, and supplies. This included:

Throughout its almost 50 years in business, Amber Soft was highly regarded in the area, and had an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

What Happened to Amber Soft?

Recently, Angel Water successfully bought Amber Soft from Mr. and Mrs. Roby, which helped them walk into retirement knowing their long-term customers were well taken care of. We at Angel Water have always prided ourselves on doing our research and partnering with the best in the industry. With this addition to the Angel Water family, we’ve been excited to expand our ability to serve more Chicago-area residents and supply them with a complete range of water treatment products and services.

Can I Still Get My Amber Soft Equipment Serviced?

Yes! We’re still here to service your water treatment products. Whether you have a water softener, a chlorine injection system, a reverse osmosis system, or some other Amber Soft product, you will still be able to get your equipment serviced, repaired, or replaced.

Angel Water’s professional technicians have been installing and servicing all varieties of equipment from many different brands since 1971, and have plenty of hands-on experience with Amber Soft systems. Just have a look at the complete range of maintenance services we offer, then give us a call to schedule a visit or sign up for regular service through one of our Guardian Angel plans.

We look forward to working with more Amber Soft equipment, getting to know former Amber Soft customers, and bringing you the same quality customer care that our other Angel Water clients have come to expect!

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