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Meet the Great Brands That Have Joined the Angel Water Family!

As Angel Water has continued to improve our services and expand throughout the Chicago region, we’ve acquired and partnered with multiple other great water treatment companies and brought them together under the umbrella of the Angel Family. Maybe you’re a former customer of one of those providers. Maybe you’re wondering what happened to them, and whether you can still get your equipment serviced.

The answer is yes! Angel Water’s experienced technicians will continue to service your equipment from these brands, whether that means safety inspections, filter changes, salt delivery, repairs, or other maintenance services.

Read on below to see if your former provider has joined the Angel Family, and to learn more about other brands we’ve taken under our wing!

Amber Soft

Amber Soft, Inc. was a St. Charles, IL-based dealer of water treatment products. They were founded by the Roby family in 1968, and provided Fox Valley residents with a variety of professional services, equipment, and supplies for water softening and filtration.

Graphic of Amber Soft from St. Charles, ILThey offered products including:

Amber Soft was in the business for nearly 50 years and maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). That’s why Angel Water took notice of Amber Soft, and helped the Robys retire knowing their customers will be taken care of. We always seek out the best when we’re looking for someone to partner with.

If you have an Amber Soft water softener, reverse osmosis system, chlorine injection system, or other product, call Angel Water today and schedule your next service visit!

Algonquin Soft Water Co.

Graphic of Algonquin Soft Water Co. from Crystal Lake, ILAlgonquin Soft Water Company was a Crystal Lake-based water treatment dealer that provided water softening products and services in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Angel Water helped Algonquin Soft Water Co. owner Don Mally into retirement by purchasing the company. With this acquisition, we’ve been happy to expand our reach to more cities throughout Chicagoland, and to help more residents keep their equipment in working order.

Do you have a water softener or other water treatment product from Algonquin Soft Water? If so, you’re in luck—Angel Water will continue to service your equipment with inspection, maintenance, and repair visits. Just give us a call and schedule a visit from one of our experienced technicians.

EcoWater of Fox Valley

EcoWater of Fox Valley from St. Charles, IL.EcoWater of Fox Valley was a licensed dealer of EcoWater products based in the St. Charles area. They were in business for nearly 20 years, until Angel Water helped owner Earl Wilkinson enter retirement around 2014, knowing that we would take good care of his longstanding customers.

EcoWater is the world’s largest manufacturer or water softeners and other water treatment products. They patented the first automatic water softener in 1925 and became the first residential water softener manufacturer in 1940. Over more than 90 years in business, they’ve continued to lead the way with innovation after innovation.

This is why Angel Water is proud to be a licensed EcoWater dealer. For years, we’ve installed and serviced their water filters, water softeners, and other products both under their brand name and under the Angel Water brand. If you have an EcoWater system, we’re the ones you want working on it.

Give us a call, and one of our technicians will help keep your EcoWater equipment performing at the top of its game!

Springsoft of Barrington

Springsoft of Barrington from Barrington, ILSpringsoft of Barrington was a water treatment dealer that sold water softeners and filters out of Barrington. They were in business for over 40 years until the founder unfortunately passed away. In the wake of their loss, Angel Water was honored to help the family out by taking the business off their hands and making sure their customers were well taken care of.

If you have equipment from Springsoft of Barrington, call Angel Water. We’ll service it and do our best to maintain the excellent level of care that Springsoft of Barrington always provided.

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