Why You Should Visit Costco for Water Treatment Solutions

In the market for water treatment equipment, but don’t know where to shop for it? Go to Costco! This affordable warehouse retailer is renowned as a “customer service legend” because their code of ethics prioritizes both customer and employee satisfaction. Most importantly though, they put a lot of research into who to partner with. That’s why they provide NSF-certified EcoWater equipment, installed and serviced by Angel Water—their vetting process recognizes that we’re the best around. We even have in-store reps—so stop by Costco today!

Water Treatment from Costco

Costco’s Service, Products, and Prices Make It a One-Stop Shop for Water Treatment

Across America, families are turning a suspicious eye to their tap water—could your water contain lead, mercury, or some other toxin? When you look at water treatment systems to keep your family safe and healthy, you’re faced with a lot of options.

Manufacturers make all sorts of competing claims about their products. It’s hard to sort through on your own—reading through marketing materials, online reviews, and comparison blogs, trying to make sense of it all.

Angel Water is here to recommend a one-stop shop for all your water treatment needs—Costco! Read on to discover why they’re the ideal place for water treatment in Chicagoland.

Why Costco?

You need one place that’ll simplify the process for you. You want a place where the selection’s already narrowed down to products that work, and the staff are dedicated to finding you the best solution.

Luckily for you, that place exists, and you may have even already been there. That’s right, it’s Costco. The warehouse store where you can buy groceries, clothes, and kitchenware also stocks drinking water systems.

Why would you choose Costco over some other supplier with a more specific focus on water treatment? There are three main reasons: Costco is highly dedicated to its members, only stocks equipment that’s proven to work, and provides that equipment at affordable and competitive prices.

Costco Is Dedicated to Serving its Members

The first thing you consider before you decide a company deserves your business is ask, “Can I trust them?” That’s why it’s important to evaluate a company’s values: what are their priorities?

Let’s take a look at Costco’s Code of Ethics:

  1. Obey the law
  2. Take care of our members
  3. Take care of our employees
  4. Respect our suppliers
  5. Reward our shareholders

The second item seems the most immediately relevant. It simply states, “Take care of our members.” Costco then follows it with a paragraph that reads, in part:

“Our members are our reason for being… if they fail to show up, we cannot survive. Our members have extended a trust to Costco by virtue of paying a fee to shop with us. We will succeed only if we do not violate the trust they have extended to us…”

Costco acknowledges the trust you’re putting in them, as well as the fact that they entirely rely on you, the customer, for their very existence.

They prioritize making you happy above everything else below “Obey the law.” Earning profits for their shareholders comes last in the code at number five.

This tells us something about Costco’s company culture. They know that their long-term survival and success as a company depends on customer satisfaction more than anything else.

Too often, a big company writes their dedication to customer service on their website, but it doesn’t filter down to employees. Not so with Costco: the retailer is renowned as a “customer service legend.”

That’s thanks largely to the next item in their Code of Ethics: “Take care of our employees.” As this article explains, “A culture that values employees produces employees that customers love.”

We’ve all received bad service from people who hate their jobs, and great service from people who love their jobs. When Costco makes their employees happy enough to stay, they make the customers happy enough to stay. That’s why 94% of Costco employees who’ve made it a year with the company continue to stay with the company, and almost 90% of customers renew their membership every year.

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Costco Only Stocks Water Treatment Products Proven to Work

How can Costco, as a warehouse retailer with such a broad focus, provide quality products and technical expertise on something as specific as drinking water systems?

The answer: Costco spends a lot of resources researching and seeking out the best companies to partner with.

Costco set out to start providing drinking water systems, water softeners, and other water treatment products. They found, as you may have found, that the industry is full of misinformation and misdirection.

Some manufacturers promise affordable water treatment but manufacture their products overseas in China. You can’t know what regulations have been enforced and whether their claims can be trusted.

Others use sleek marketing and inflated prices to convince you that since their system is so expensive, it must be the high-end solution you need. In reality they work no better than models priced far lower.

Costco needed some sort of standard. That’s where NSF International comes in.

Formerly known as the National Sanitation Foundation, the NSF is an internationally respected independent organization. They conduct rigorous scientific testing of water treatment products. By extensively testing products under various conditions, they’re able to find out whether product claims really hold up.

When these claims have been verified, the products receive NSF certification. Costco stocks these NSF-certified manufacturers in their stores.

EcoWater is the prime example. The NSF has proven them as a top producer of reliable, high-quality, American-made water treatment systems.

By partnering with EcoWater, Costco ensures that the water treatment products on offer deliver real, measurable results.

In addition to manufacturers, Costco also partners with local water treatment companies to help sell, install, and service these systems.

Angel Water is one of these partner companies. We provide Costco with staff members who have professional training and experience working with drinking water systems. That way, you have an expert to consult with in the store. Additionally, we offer installation and maintenance services for Costco members who buy a water treatment system.

Costco recognized Angel Water as the premier service provider for water treatment in Barrington, IL and the surrounding Chicago area, and partnered with us to better deliver comprehensive solutions for its members. In other regions, you’ll find similar partnerships.

In other words, Costco realizes the importance of shopping around and getting the right people on your side. They seek out and set you up with only the best companies to keep your family’s water safe and clean.

Costco Provides Products at Affordable Prices

Of course, the safety and health of you and your family is the most important thing, but you shouldn’t have to break the bank just to be able to drink the water in your own home.

As a warehouse retailer, Costco is able to offer its members exclusive access to wholesale prices by securing partnerships with suppliers. When they team up with companies like EcoWater, Costco can provide you what you need at a reasonable cost.

So whether you’re in the market for a water softener or a reverse osmosis system, your best bet is equipment crafted by EcoWater, supplied by Costco, and installed and maintained by Angel Water. If you’re looking into water treatment in Barrington, IL or elsewhere in Chicagoland, stop by!

Next time you visit your local Costco, look for an Angel Water representative — or, CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW and our online wizard will INSTANTLY give you a preliminary assessment of your home’s water using professional tricks of the trade!

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