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Inorganic Contaminants in Water

Have you ever wondered what’s in your drinking water? Although your water may look clean and clear, at the microscopic level there can be a lot of extra things floating around in there even after the water makes it way through your pipes, out your faucet and into a glass. Yes, it’s true. All water contains a certain level of natural contaminants, even after leaving the treatment plant, particularly inorganic contaminants. Inorganic Contaminants are defined as the compounds or elements found in our water supply. They can be natural in geology or caused by mining, industry or agricultural activities by humans. It is common to find trace amounts of these inorganic contaminants in our water, however amounts that exceed Maximum Contaminant Levels can cause a multitude of health issues effecting the kidney, liver, circulatory, nervous and gastrointestinal systems, as well as the blood, skin and bones. If you would like to learn about drinking water in Barrington, call us today!


We get our drinking water from two basic sources: ground water (partly absorbed into the earth) and surface waters (rivers and lakes). Generally speaking ground water is less vulnerable to pollution than surface water it is less susceptible to making contact with many man-made contaminants, although not immune. As far as man-made inorganic contaminants are concerned, there are a multitude of possible sources. The challenge with man-made contaminants is that some are more easily identifiable and thus more controllable than others. For instance, industrial discharges and sewage treatment plants are considered point sources (ie where it is better known exactly what’s going on there, so easier to manage). Where as run off from road ways or agricultural land are not so obvious or easily identifiable, thus also not as easily controlled.

How is this being monitored? How is my water/health being protected?

Drinking Water by Angel Water IncAll community public water supply systems are required by law to monitor and regulate Inorganic Contaminants in their supply (there are currently 15 regulated Inorganic Contaminants). Ground water supplies are sampled every 3 years and surface water supplies are sampled annually. The samples are then sent off for analysis at an EPA approved laboratory. If the water system does ever exceed any maximum contaminant levels the water supply system must follow of series of protocol involving reporting contamination levels, determining and executing resolution strategies and monitoring the progress quarterly. Although contamination levels are monitored, there are levels that are not seen as an imminent health danger, but have been found to cause negative side effects for some.

With continual research over the years, there is an obvious complexity of health issues that can arrive related to the quality of our drinking water which is why the supply and maintenance of safe drinking water remain a vital standard for public health.

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