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Protect yourself from what’s in city water

The Department of Water Management is responsible for delivering nearly 1 billion gallons of fresh water to the residents of Chicago and 125 suburban communities every day. But, with bacteria like E Coli and organisms like coliform floating around, is city water as clean as it claims to be?

Is deadly bacteria lurking in your Chicago water?

Is deadly bacteria lurking in your Chicago water?

Chicago tap water comes from one of two sources: surface water or groundwater. Surface water comes from rivers and lakes and reservoirs while groundwater comes from man made wells. With two different places of origin, all water sources are chlorinated before entering your tap.

But still, that doesn’t mean the water is safe. If you’re living in a home, condominium or apartment complex that was built in the 1970’s, the pipes could be corroded with lead and copper. Not only does this pollute drinking water, it pollutes water used for bathing, dishes and laundry as well.

The city of Chicago publishes annual reports on city water. While there is a list of over 35 chemicals that Chicago water tested positive for, the city still declares it is safe for consumers to drink. Here’s a list of what the test found:

1. Nitrates
2. Fertilizer
3. Pesticide runoff
4. Arsenic
5. Barium
6. Copper
7. Lead
8. Sulfate
9. Calcium
10 Magnesium
11. Industrial waste
12. Radioactive Waste
13. Aluminum
14. Cyanide
15. Mercury

If you are interested in protecting yourself from these impurities, consider scheduling an assessment with one of our technicians. We can provide a free water test to help educate you on what’s in our water.

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