How to Find the Best Water Treatment Company for Your Home

This blog features the following key takeaways:
• The best water treatment companies help you understand what’s wrong with your water.
• Top water treatment companies sell NSF-certified systems that are 100% American-made.
• A water purification company should also have licensed plumbers on staff to correctly install your equipment.
• The best businesses provide ongoing maintenance services to keep your equipment working right.

It’s scary when you suspect your water could be threatening the health of your home and family. You want the protection and peace of mind that come with having a water treatment system in your home. But how do you find the best water treatment company to give you that relief?

The last thing you want to do is spend a fortune on a low-quality system installed by an incompetent team. No, if you’re going to trust someone to install equipment in your home, then you shouldn’t settle for less than the best!

The best water treatment business will always put your needs first. This means providing services that protect your health rather than putting it at risk for the sake of making a sale.

So, how do you identify a company you can trust? In this post, we will walk you through a process for finding the right water treatment equipment supplier for your home.

Ask for a Home Water Test and Plumbing Inspection

You can only tell so much about a water treatment company from its website and marketing materials. All businesses talk a big game and say the right things online. But to really get to the bottom of things, you need to meet face-to-face and see them in action.

Fortunately, most companies make this easy and risk-free by offering free home water tests and plumbing inspections for interested customers.

One good way to weed out bad water purification companies is to toss out any you find that don’t offer free initial inspections. That’s a major red flag! These companies will tell you they already know what’s in your water because they know your region. But the truth is water contents can vary from region to region and even home to home. So, what’s in your neighbor’s water isn’t necessarily what’s in yours.

Therefore, the best water treatment companies take the time to test your water and inspect your home. And they don’t make you pay for this appointment either. Instead, it’s a complimentary, no-obligation service to help you identify the problem.

Have High Expectations for the First Meeting

We recommend asking for this initial inspection from a few different companies. This way you can compare the information you get from each of them and choose the one you’re happiest with.

This first meeting will tell you a lot about whether a company is worth your business. So, it’s crucial that you prepare and know what to look for during the appointment.

The best way to prepare for the meeting is to identify the specific things you want to improve about your water. It may be helpful to list these items on a notepad so that you’ll remember to bring them up at the appointment.

Then, once the meeting begins, watch for the following signs of a water treatment company you can trust:

Helps You Understand the Water Test Results

As we mentioned above, good companies will send a representative to test the water in your home. However, the best ones will also take the time to help you understand those test results.

The person performing the tests should explain what he or she’s testing for and why. And once the results come in, he or she should tell you the significance of the results and help you understand what they mean. As a result, you’ll know the specific toxins present in your water and the problems they can cause for your health and home.

Conversely, if someone hands you the test results and leaves you to decipher them on your own, that’s unacceptable. You should drop that company like a hot potato because you can do better.

A person with latex gloves on performing a water test
The company should test the water in your home and help you understand the results.


Thoroughly Inspects Your Plumbing System

The same goes if the company representative doesn’t inspect your plumbing system. A company that cared about your needs would require its team members to thoroughly examine your current setup. Doing so is crucial because it can uncover any additional issues impacting your water quality. Therefore, skipping this step is a major red flag.

Takes the Time to Understand Your Desires

Remember that list of things to improve about your water we told you to create? You should have an opportunity to discuss that during the appointment. And the company representative should take time to listen to your concerns.

If you never get to bring this up or don’t feel heard, then this probably isn’t the company for you. You likely won’t get as good of service as you would from another business because the team doesn’t value your needs.

What you want for your water is important. So, don’t let them ignore you.

Is Willing to Answer All of Your Questions

The company representative should also be willing to answer all your questions at this initial meeting. So, it’s a good idea to have a few questions ready to gauge the organization’s trustworthiness.

Here are some questions we recommend asking:

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  • What certifications do you have?
  • Are you a licensed plumbing company?
  • How long have you been in business?
  • Can I visit your facility?
  • Can I have a copy of your license and insurance coverage?

The answers to these questions say a lot about the quality of a business. The best water treatment companies are well-established with a brick-and-mortar location. And they will have no problem providing you with physical documents. Anything less than that is a sign to take your business elsewhere.

Research the Company Thoroughly

You may have a good feeling about a company based on that initial inspection. However, you shouldn’t go any further until you dig deeper into who the company is.

Here are some important ways to do this:

Talk to Past Customers

You can get an accurate forecast of what to expect from a company by talking to the people who have been through it before. They will tell you how the experience was and how satisfied they were with the results.

And it shouldn’t be hard to track these people down. The best companies are more than willing to give you a few references to contact. So, be sure to reach out to these past customers and find out what the company is really like.

Read Online Reviews

We also recommend looking at the company’s most recent reviews on sites like Google, Facebook and Yelp. See if you notice any common themes about what people liked or disliked about the company. These frequent comments or complaints will likely predict the type of experience you’ll have with the business.

And don’t let it scare you off if a business has negative reviews. What’s more important is how the company responds to its negative reviews. Top water treatment companies will provide a professional and empathetic response and offer to make things right. If you see these types of responses, then you might just have a keeper on your hands!

Check the BBB

Another stop to make online is the Better Business Bureau website. Here you can search for the company and find its rating, accreditation status and length of time in business. You can also see how many complaints it’s received over the past three years.

Assess the Company’s Products

Many companies will boast about a wide selection of water softeners, reverse osmosis systems and more. A variety of choices is good, but it’s not the most important thing.

The best water treatment companies include industry-leading equipment in their product showrooms. Moreover, these companies are honest about which systems are better than others. They will never lie about a system’s quality just to get your money.

So, what are the essential qualities of the best water technology products? The two we recommend looking for are NSF certification and 100% made in America.

Here’s why each of these qualities is important:

NSF/ANSI 44 or 58 Certification

The best home water treatment systems have certification from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). The NSF seal of approval means a system has gone through multiple tests to prove it works. For this reason, NSF-certified systems are the most trustworthy on the market.

But not all types of NSF certification mean the same thing. Instead, NSF has a numbering system to specify different types of certifications for different products. For example, the best water softeners have NSF 44 certification, and top reverse osmosis systems have NSF 58. So, watch for those numbers when shopping at water softener and reverse osmosis system companies.

A reverse osmosis system in front of a blue background
Make sure the reverse osmosis system you choose is NSF-certified and American-made.


100% Made in America

The most dependable water treatment equipment consists of nothing but American-made parts. The United States has much stricter quality regulations for water equipment manufacturers than other countries. So, you have the best chance of getting good long-term performance out of an American system.

Watch out for equipment that is only partially made in the U.S. For example, many water softeners consist of an American-made control valve combined with a cheap foreign tank and media.

So, be sure to do your homework and watch for companies trying to rip you off with these subpar products. The best ones will be honest about where the parts in all of the products they sell come from.

Licensed Installation and Maintenance are a Must

Finding a company that provides helpful guidance and sells quality products is good. But that won’t do you a lot of good if they don’t know how to install it right. Therefore, it’s essential to ask if the company has licensed plumbers on staff. After all, you want the best people for the job taking care of your family’s water quality.

But professional installation is not enough. The company you hire should also emphasize the importance of regular maintenance to keep your system running properly. Annual maintenance is a must for protecting the health and safety of your family. The best water treatment companies will provide this ongoing service so that you can enjoy cleaner water for many years to come!

Find the Best Water Treatment Company Near You

As you can see, there’s a lot you can do to find the best water softener and filtration company for your home. By following the steps listed above, we have no doubt you’ll choose a winner. And your home and family will benefit big time as a result!

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