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Chicago has just announced it will test drinking water in vulnerable neighborhoods for lead. This comes in the wake of the crisis in Flint, where thousands have been poisoned. About 80% of Chicago properties are connected to water mains that contain lead, and low-income African American neighborhoods are most affected. It goes to show, you don’t know what’s in your water unless you look. Protect your family by scheduling water testing with Angel Water today.

Lead poisoning leads to water tests in Chicago homes

With lead poisoning plaguing many parts of the nation, Chicago plans to start water testing in homes with children who have poisoned. This decision came after the epidemic in Flint, MI where the entire town suffers from the physical, mental and emotional effects of being poisoned.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a top official at the Chicago Department of Public Health revealed the new program Monday during a presentation to lawyers, physicians, researchers and advocates referencing the ever-present threat of water laced with lead.

Lead contamination in Chicago impacted low-income neighborhoods.

Lead contamination in Chicago impacted low-income neighborhoods.

What’s the problem?

Lead poisoning is not associated with affluent neighborhoods in Chicago. Instead, the epidemic often hits homes of African-American children who have been forced to endure the socioeconomic effects of growing up on the south and west sides of the city.

Lead poisoning has been linked to:

  • Stomach problems
  • Constant fatigue
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Lower cognitive function
  • Increased aggression

“We recognize the water in Chicago is generally safe, but to reassure people I think drawing more samples would be very helpful,” Dr. Cort Lohff, the health department’s director of environmental health, said after the meeting organized by the Loyola University Center for the Human Rights of Children. “If we find elevated levels, we can work with the water department to mitigate the problem.”

In the past, Chicago has not emphasized the importance of water testing. This shift in perspective shows how serious lead poisoning can be and how almost no one is safe from the consequences.

According to the Department of Water Management, Chicago required the use of lead pipes until the federal government banned them nationwide in the mid-1980s. Lead service lines connect nearly 80 percent of the city’s properties to street mains.

If you want to keep your family safe from the consequences of lead poisoning, make sure to schedule a water test today. By getting your water tested now you can prevent problems in the future and help educate friends and family on the importance of clean water.

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