There’s a gross, oily film in my drinking water!

Worried about how that oily film might be affecting your health? We want to arm you with the information you need to help identify and fix this issue once and for all!

What’s going on with my tap water?

If you’ve noticed a weird, iridescent film on the surface of your drinking water, you’re probably a little concerned. Not to worry! There’s a good chance the film isn’t harmful to your health at all, but determining whether it’s a risk or nuisance depends on a few things.

Likely culprits for the sources of oily tap water

If you’re on well water, chances are that rainbow sheen can be traced to harmless organic sources. Decaying organic plant matter in your well is one of the most common causes, resulting in the presence of hydrogen sulfide. Another common source happens when iron deposits in minerals dissolve your well water in the presence of iron bacteria. Neither cause is typically harmful to your health, but should be addressed by professionals.


If you’re on city water, on the other hand, there might be cause for greater concern. In that case, there’s a possibility that it might be caused by potentially dangerous, manmade pollutants. These issues need to be remediated immediately.

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