Do you know what caused the water crisis in Flint, MI? It was outdated infrastructure. This aging water system was nearly a hundred years old, and this is a leading cause of lead poisoning. Remember though, Chicago’s infrastructure is dated as well, with most of it built when lead was the standard. Don’t wait for the city to update its infrastructure—protect your own health with an Angel Water drinking water system!

When residents of Flint, Michigan wondered if their water was contaminated, they were right. High levels of toxicity and lead poisoning were linked to a switch from the Detroit water supplier to an alternative water supplier. The city is back on the Detroit water system, but a water crisis still remains.

According to Robert Puentes, director of the Metropolitan Infrastructure Initiative at the Brookings Institution, one of the main causes of lead poisoning is aging infrastructure. This problem not only applies to Flint, Michigan, but major cities everywhere.

These pipes show what happens when infrastructure related to a city's water supply is not maintained.

These pipes show what happens when infrastructure related to a city’s water supply is not maintained.

“We do a good job building new stuff, we don’t do a good job taking care of what’s on the ground,” said Puentes in an interview with NPR.

According to Puentes, some of these systems were built a hundred years ago. Some of the pipes are made out of wood. Some of them were built the times when metropolitan areas were expanding and decentralizing.

Outdated infrastructure causes the United States to lose about 2 trillion gallons of water each year. This water waste is caused by leaks that are left unchecked in the current system.

While the toxic water in Flint has been linked to lead poisoning, Puentes states that Chicago has a 10-year plan to update water infrastructure and prevent contamination.
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