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The Government Says Chicago Tap Water is Safe. Do You Believe Them?

At Angel Water, we sometimes encounter water treatment skeptics. These are people who don’t believe they need to do anything extra to treat Chicago tap water. They assume that if the local government and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approve it, then the water must be contaminant free. But this could not be further from the truth!

Perhaps you’re one of those skeptics. If that’s the case, then we’re glad you’re reading this article and hope you’ll read it with an open mind!

In this post, we’ll reveal why Chicago tap water isn’t as safe as you might assume and what you should do about it.

How Does Chicago Clean Its Tap Water?

Like any other city, Chicago has a standard approach to cleaning its tap water. But are you aware of what the city does and doesn’t do? As we will see, there are both strengths and weaknesses to the treatment of Chicago tap water.

What Chicago Does Well

We’re going to be frank with you. Chicago doesn’t do much well when it comes to taking care of its water. Still, the city is good about removing coliform from the raw, sewage-filled waters of Lake Michigan. This process is crucial because coliform can make the average person very sick upon consumption. It could even be deadly if consumed by infants, older adults, or people with illnesses. However, beyond removing coliform, Chicago’ water treatment process has much room for improvement.

What Chicago Does Poorly

Chicago does a poor job of protecting its water from many harmful contaminants. The reason they fail at this is that they don’t do any water filtration. All they do is treat the water with chlorine, which disinfects the water but doesn’t do much else. Furthermore, chlorine often adds to the contamination by leaving behind harmful byproducts.

Look at it this way. Think of Lake Michigan as a big puddle. Like any puddle that has sat on the ground for a while, the lake contains all sorts of gross things. For example, many companies get permits from the government to dispose of their waste in there. This practice leads to deadly epidemics like the coal ash contamination Illinois has experienced in recent years.

Therefore, like any ordinary puddle, Lake Michigan is full of contamination. And how does the city deal with all that contamination? They treat it with chlorine and then send it right into our homes.

So, think of a puddle outside your home. If someone were to put some of that water in a cup and treat it with a couple of drops of chlorine, would you drink it?

We’re guessing you wouldn’t. You probably wouldn’t be comfortable drinking that water unless you knew the contaminants had been filtered out of it. This response demonstrates why it’s essential you know what’s in Chicago tap water.

A woman holds a glass of Chicago tap water in her hand and frowns at it.

Realizing that Chicago only treats its tap water with chlorine may make you think twice about drinking it unfiltered.


What is in Chicago Tap Water Anyway?

Do you know what’s in the water you drink every day? Many citizens don’t question it because they assume the city is keeping it clean for them. But what they don’t realize is how low their city’s standards are for considering a glass of tap water to be clean.

So, what are the city’s standards? Most people figure that Chicago requires it’s tap water to be contaminant-free. In truth, the city maintains that tap water is safe to drink even if it contains traces of the following contaminants:

“But how can this be?” you may ask. “I thought Chicago officials claimed that their drinking water was safe to drink?” And before you complain that your local politicians lied to you, you should realize that they technically weren’t lying. Technically, Chicago tap water is clean based on EPA standards set in 1972. However, that was a long time ago.

Will the Situation in Chicago Improve?

Chicago’s subpar standards won’t change anytime soon. And the problem is that water conditions will only worsen as the population increases. Plus, the current national government continues to relax water treatment standards, leaving citizens who drink tap water more and more vulnerable to consuming dangerous contaminants.

Still, at Angel Water, we are optimistic about the future of the situation in Chicago. The reason for our optimism has nothing to do with the government and has everything to do with you. You, the citizens of Chicago, are the ones who will be responsible for making sure the water you consume is healthy. And as more and more people learn that Chicago tap water isn’t as clean as they thought it was, the more they will take the necessary steps to protect their family’s health.

How Can I Protect My Family’s Health?

A woman and her daughter fill a glass with Chicago tap water from their faucet.

You use Chicago tap water every day, but do you know what’s in it?

Let’s forget about the city’s standards for clean water and focus on your criteria. How many contaminants would you say should be in a glass of water for you to consider it clean?

We’re guessing your answer would be none. What a coincidence! That’s our answer too. But how do you make your water contaminant free?

The Key to Clean Water

The best way to keep your water clean is to invest in a whole-house water filter and certified reverse osmosis system for your home. And the good news is these products make the water treatment process super convenient. They take all the contaminants out for you. So, you can sit back and enjoy the healthy and refreshing water it produces.

Choosing the Best Products

There are a lot of water filters and reverse osmosis systems on the market today from many different brands. And it’s important to realize that not all products are created equal. Therefore, you should do your research to make sure the water filter and reverse osmosis system you choose are trustworthy and will eliminate all the necessary contaminants.

Angel Water Can Help You Keep Your Water Clean!

If you need help finding the perfect filtration or reverse osmosis system for your home, give Angel Water a call. Our licensed professionals can test your water and recommend the ideal products to eliminate the contaminants in it. It is our pleasure to bring healthier water to Chicago homes every day!

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