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What are the Health Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water?

In this blog you will learn: The health benefits of drinking water How filtered water offers even more amazing health benefits The simple steps you can take to get those benefits for you and your family Discover the Amazing Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water for Your Health! Everyone wants to be healthier. The sheer amount […]

How Water Softeners Can Prevent Dry, Itchy Skin This Winter

Did You Know You Can Treat Your Water to Combat Winter Dryness? Winter weather is notorious for drying out skin. However, before you spend another winter paying a fortune for lotions and creams, we want to offer you a better solution: water softeners and water filters. While it may sound strange, the best way to […]

What Do I Need to Know About Water Filters?

Explore Our Comprehensive Guide to Home and Commercial Water Filters We’ve all heard the factoid that people are mostly composed of water. This fact is often shared to drive home the point that water is one of the most essential keys to human health and survival. It also implies a question—are you doing enough to […]

What Is the History of Water Treatment?

Did you know water treatment goes back all the way to 2000 BC? In this post, we trace the development of water treatment methodology from its origins, through the ages, and into the modern era. We’ve come a long way from just boiling and straining our drinking water. For the latest in water treatment equipment and […]

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