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5 Ways to Cut Back on Plastic Bottle Waste this Earth Day

It’s almost Earth Day! What are you doing to reduce your impact on the environment? Here’s a great resolution—cutting back on plastic waste. Plastic bottles are responsible for a lot of pollution, and may even affect public health. You can cut back by replacing them with reusable bottles, and recycling ones you do buy. You can also eliminate bottled water usage at home and at work, with a water filter from Angel Water! This Earth Day, Replace Plastic Bottles with a Water Filter Earth Day is almost here, and it’s a good time to reflect on your habits. One...

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Can You Trust Bottled Water Companies More Than a Water Purifier?

Bottled water companies say they provide high-quality water, but do you really trust that? To start with, half of them are just selling you the same tap water you get for free at home. The other half misleads consumers about the sources of their spring water. Not only that, but companies often skimp on water treatment and aren’t strictly regulated. With a track record like that, don’t buy into bottled—rest easy with a water purifier from Angel Water! A Water Purifier Won’t Mislead You—But Bottled Water Companies Might When you buy bottled water you probably get a feeling of...

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Why You Need a Water Purifier to Remove Mercury

Did you know the government says you can’t eat fish high in mercury, but lets you drink the water that fills these fish with mercury in the first place? That’s crazy! Lake Michigan contains mercury from coal-fired power plants lining its shore, and this lake supplies most of Chicagoland’s drinking water. Mercury ingestion can cause liver failure and neurological disorders. Yet, the EPA’s standards still haven’t been updated since the 70s. Protect your health by removing the mercury with a water purifier from Angel Water. Keep the Mercury Out of Your Body with a Water Purifier You may remember...

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Can Water Treatment Make My Water Not Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

You turn on your faucet and suddenly—ugh! That rotten egg smell! You may have hydrogen sulfide in your water. Hydrogen sulfide is a compound that occurs naturally in wells with inadequate wellhead protection but can also enter water supplies in runoff from sewage treatment and other manmade processes. The jury’s out on what the long-term health effects are at low concentrations, but we do know that hydrogen sulfide corrodes your plumbing, tarnishes your silverware, stains your laundry and fixtures, and keeps your water softener from working right. Luckily, there are many options for getting rid of it. Call Angel...

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Will a Chlorine Injection System Remove Iron Bacteria?

Iron bacteria may be forming deposits in your well—did you know this slimy rust-colored buildup is made up of not just living bacteria but also dead bacteria and their secretions, sheathes, stalks, and other waste? Gross! These bacteria make your water smell and taste musty and swampy, and stain your fixtures and clothes brown or yellow. The slime deposits also corrode plumbing equipment and clog screens and pipes, wasting your hard-earned money. Don’t let this happen to you: have Angel Water test your drinking water, and get rid of that bacteria with a chlorine injection system! Find Out if...

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